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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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Page 199

                             No. 142.
                     Mr. Bayard to Mr. Denby.
No. 227.]                         DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                    Washington, September 5, 1887.
  SIR: I have received your No. 422 of July 29, 1887, concerning the
reduction of the likin tax on kerosene oil at Canton from $1.30 to 5(4
cents per case.
  The Department is equally pleased as yourself at this very consider-
able reduction, and shares also in the gratitude which you express in
behalf of the labors of Mr. Seymour, consul at that port, by whose in-
strumentality this reduction was largely effected.
  You will convey to Mr. Seymour a suitable expression of the Depart.
ment's thanks.
      I am, etc,                                  T. F. BAYARD.
                              No. 143.
                     Mr. Denby to Mr. Bayard.
No. 445.]                LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                Peking, Sptember 7, 1887. (Received November 2.)
  SIR :In further reply to your dispatch No. 207, of date June 14, 1887,
I have the honor to report the conclusions that I have reached touching
the "Ward estate claim" against the Chinese Government, and to
fturther instructions.
  Your dispatch inclosed a copy of Mrs. Amidon's petition as sole claim.
ant against the Chinese Imperial Government in the matter entitled the
",Ward estate claims" (inclosure No. 1); Senate Ex. Doc. 48, Forty-
fifth Congress, second session (inclosure No. 2); Senate Report No. 1986,
F orty-ninth Congress, second session (inclosure No. 3); a statement
of the case, with voluminous exhibits appended, entitled Mr. Glavis to
NIMr. Bayard (inclosure No. 4).
  In your dispatch you state that you explained to Senator Sherman
that while the ".1Ward estate claims" were not separately considered
in Ex. Doc. No. 48, Forty-fifth Congress, yet they were distinct fromthe
two others there presented, namely, the "1Ward claims" and the
of Charles E. Hill for the charter of the steamer Keor jeor ; that the
latter two have been settled, the former by the payment of $56,246.56 in
February, 1883, and the latter by a receipt from the Chinese legation,'
ii accordance with the act of Congress approved March 2, 1885. You
further stated "1 that the Ward estate claims were outstanding and that

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