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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 1079

                       Mir. KIRYtIg 0 cr, Blajard.,
No. '257;,]               IiEcfW'rIo N Vy 'THE ThiTUID~ TTS
                   Gstc~tinope DOcober-9, 18.(Rcie4Nv               .
  -n: I have the hnor to -iclose ,the eorr.esp6o- en e(  in refeen;e mto
the ease os , e . Dr, Rerric:
  ,(J) A copy of a letter from  Rev. AMr. Dwight; (2)a ~opy  f -my otter
to Mr. D wight; (3);a torpy -of M.r. "W' ght'!s reppy  (4)a 'oPpy Ofy
.di'spatc--h to the . 8ublime TPor~te Jon thfe subj~ec't..
   Finding from  Mr. Dwight's second letter that Mev,. Mr        m ian is
 T.rksh subj~ec., and moreovier beitg ioormed that he himself has ,come
 to tConstat;-nple to ttned to kis own 'case wi'th the Tartish Govern-
 ment, Ii have limited my dispatch ý o the aSblime Porte to the i
 en-ce with 1ev. Dr. UHerrck.
   In  e-v. Mr. Dwight's -rat letter he bases his compluaint o   t0 h  82d
 article of the ',.Capitulations-0' on tritds a)Rnienset-nou veaux entre
 de France etha Porte Ottoma-e renon     4el8 s et a 0Mn.tSA C Constan-
 tinople le 28 mai 1740."
   The ollowiing is the extracd .of th Capit  tis to wkhich 1e 0refers,
 the original text of whil I indiose:
 The bisbops and religious pVersons under the jurisiction.of the Fmpesorof
 who are Min  y Empii re wilbe prowtected as long as they ke'ep withn te
limits of tir
 'Profession, and .can arvent them tfr oi the e cise ,of ;their eliious
,rites ac-
 -cording to their usage in ,the ichurches which are wihn their possession,
 wejl'l as
 in the otlher places ohere theydwell; and when or- tributary subjects and
 subjects go .and .come-,to oe, another for 'sale and puchase 'r ether bu6siess
 shall not be molested, against the sacr.ed laws on account of such intercourse.
        I have  t.
                           S[Inclos-re :1 in No.: 2.71-
                        Bev. Mr. Dwight to Mr. King.
                                                    BIBLE oHousE,
                                           Constantinople, October 9, 1SS6.
   DEA. SinR: On the 7th of August of t-wh presenDt year the Rev. Dr. Herrick,
an Amer-
 ican missionary residing at Marsovan, .went to :Kuastamouni to administer
the sicra-
 mentg to Protestants residing t that place. Oa hi5s arrival at Kastamouni
he foond
 that tho preacher at whose house-he was to staiy'had been ordered by the
local gov-
 ernor to-desist from holdingdivine service in his house. Dr. IHerrick then,
sent- his
 passport ,and other pa4pers :to the local authorities, pointing out that
he was an Amer-
 ican missionary, -for twenty-eight years resident in the Turkish JEnpire.,
,and dariing
 all that time in the habit of performing such servies-as the one now uroosed
 Vlaining that he had come to Kastamouni ianorder to admimister fli aerawentp
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