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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 633

                               No. 388.
                        Mr. Bayard to Mr. , Stallo.
 No. 55.]                               WASIRINGTON, April 1, 1887.
   SIR: The President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate,
 has ratified the1"convention and final protocol for the protection
of in-
 dustrial property," concluded at Paris, France, March 20, 1883, and
 also the protocol signed at Rome, on the 11th May, 1886, supplementary
 thereto, and I transmit with this, under separate cover, the protocol of
 May 11, 1886, for exchange or deposit.-
 Should the act of exchange or deposit in this case be deemed to re-
 quire a formal full power, you will advise this Department.
       I am, etc.,
                                                     T. F. BAYARD#
                                No. 389.
                       Mr. Bayard to Mr. Stallo.
No. 60.]                               DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                         Washington, April 27, 1887.
  Smia: I herewith inclose a copy of a dispatch from Mr. Philip Carroll
(No. 148, March 31, 1887), our consul at Palermo, stating that the de-
partment of finance at Rome, with which lie had corresponded on the
subject, had refused to accord free entry to some flags sent him offi-
cially by this Department.
  In such cases it would be more proper, and probably more successful
in the end, if the consulates would refer such questions through the
consul-general to the legation, which could then bring the matter before
the foreign office and obtain a decision applicable in future cases. This,
moreover, would be in accordance with the practice of this Government
under our Treasury regulations, which provide:
  SEC. 367. Free entry of articles sent by a foreign Government for its use
to an
agent in this country will, in proper cases, be granted on (like) application
through the Department of State. When it shall appear to the satisfaction
of the
collector and the naval officer, if there is one, that packages contain only
forms sent by a foreign Governmnent for the use of its consular or other
officers in this
country, the same may be admitted to entry on a written application therefor
the officer for whose use they are intended.
  Such articles as national flags, shields, and official'stationery would
always be proper articles to make such application for, in distinction
from wearing apparel, wines, cigars, or other articles, for the personal
use of the consuls.
  From the correspondence of Mr. Carroll with the Italian finance de.
partment it would appear that the apparel and furniture of consuls are

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