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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

Hayti [Haiti],   pp. 593-632 PDF (20.7 MB)

Page 593

                                    No. 385.
                         Mr. Bayard to Mr. Thompson,
  No. 74.]                                  DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                                Washinyton, March 8, 1887.0
    Sir: I transmit for your information copies of certain executive doe
  uments relating to the claims of A. Pelletier and A. H. Lazare against
         I am, etc.,
                                                             T. F. BAYARD.
                                 [Inclosure in No. 74.]
                [Senate Ex. Doe. No. 64, Forty-ninth Congress, second session.]
 Message from the Presvdent of the United States, transmitting report of
the Secretary of
   State, in response to Senate resolution of December 8, 1886, upon the
clainm of Antonio Pelt
   letier et al. against the Republic of Hayti.
          JANTUAIY 21, 1887.-Read and referred to the Committee on Foreign
                        FEBRUARY 1, 1887.-Ordered to be printed.
 To the Senate:
   I.transmit herewith a report ofthe Secretary, of State in answer to the
 of the Senate of December 8, 1886, relative to the claims of Antonio Pelletier
and A.
 H. Lazare .against the Republic of Hayti.
                                                         GROVER CLEVELA.ND.
       Washington, January 20, 1887.
 To the President:
   The Secretary of State, to whom was referred the resolution of the Senate
of Decem-
 ber 8, 186, calling upon the ,Pr-esident to communicate to that body, "if
not i
 sistent with the publici interests, copies of the awards made by the
 case of Antonio Pelletier and in the case of A. H. Lazare against the Republic
 Hayti, under a protocol made by and between-the Secretary of State of the
 States and the minister plenipotentiary for the Republic of Hayti, dated
24th May,.
 18S4, together with such action as may have been had in relation thereto,"
has the
 honor to make the following report:
                             I.-PELLETIER'S CASE.
  The case of Pelletier, which is the first referred to in the resolution
before me, was
first b~rough-lt to the attention of this Department by a dispatch, atd 
prl Y3,181
from br. G. E. Hubbard, commercial agent of the United States at Cape Haytien,
who reported, in language to be hereafter more fully quoted, that Pelletier
under arrest in Hayti on the charge of attempted enslavement in Haytian waters
of Haytian citizens. Mr. Seward, then Secretary of State, after a prolonged
spondence, finally refilsed, on November 30, 1863, to interfere with the
action of
Hayti in the matter, takingthe position in an instruction to Mr. Whidden,
then United
States commissioner in Ilayti, that "his [Pelletier's] conduct in .Hayti
and on its
coasts is conceived to have afforded the reasonable ground of suspicion against
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