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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 245

                                    No. 199.
                           Mr. King to Mr. Bayard.
No. 70.1                       LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                      Bogota, September 11, 1886.     (Received October 6.)
   Sir ,I have the honor to inclose herein for your information a copy
and translation of a recent law of the Federal Congress here, relative
to the claims of foreigners for losses sustained during the late rebellion.
        I have, etc.
                                                                V. 0. KING.
        [Inclosure in No. 70.-Translation.-From the Diario Ofieial of September
7, 1886.]
 Copy and translation of law ,10,-of August 31,,1886, regarding claims of
foreigners for
                             losses during the rebellion.
                                   AnTICIU 1.
  All claims presented by foreigners againet the Government of the Republic,
loans, supplies, expropriations, or damages arising out of the late rebellion,
shall be
considered by the executive departmeiit, consequently, the executive power,
the medium of the minister of foreiga relations, shall decide in each case
to the rules established by common law and the law of nations.
                                   ARTiCLE 2.
  Whenever the acts that constitute the basis of a claim appear doubtful
and the
claimant shall not be satisfied with the estimate made thereot; he may appeal
to the
law courts for a decision thereon.
                                   ARTICLE 3.
  The nation shall not be absolutely responsible for the damages and exactions
fered by foreigners on account of rebels.
                                   ARTICLE 4.
  The alien and neutral character of the claimant shall ia each case be determined
before his claim is considered. The "'status of the foreigner shall
be determined ac-
cording to the constitution in force at the time the acts were committed
which gave
rise to the claim.
                                   ARTICLE 5.
  In order to establish his neutrality, the claimant shall present duly authenticated
certificates from the respective civil authorities, and in'default of such
certificate' a
statement to that effect, duly attested, and obtained with the concurrence
of the pub-
lie ministry.
                                   'ARTICnn E 6.
  Foreigners who shall have forfeited their neutral character are nDt included
provisions of this law. The condition of neutrality of each inaividual claimant
shall be determined according to the proofs required by the preceding article.

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