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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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                        CENTRAL AMERICA,
                                    No. 61.
                          Mr. Hall to Mr. Bayard.
 No. 574.]              LEGATION OF TE UITED STATBS IN
                                                 CENTIRIAL A'ERICA,
                Guatemala, October 27, 1886.     (Received November 20.)
    SIR   I h ave the honor to transmit herewith a copy and translation"Of
 A law of Salvador, promulgated on the 29th ultimo and published in the
 "Diario Oficial" of the 1st instant, touching the status of foreigners
 domiciled or temporarily residing in that Republic,       .. respectfully
 vite the Department~s attention to its provisions concerning matricula-
 tion and especially to articles 39, 40, and 41, which define, according
 the ideas of that Government, what constitutes a denial of justice and
 the right of appeal to diplomatic recourse.
     .....I have, etc.
                                                        THIĆ½NRY C.
                         [Inclosure in No. 574.-Translation.]
 The Provisional 1'resident of the Republic of Salvador to its inhabitants:
   Know ye that the National Assembly has defreed the following :
   The National Constituent Congress of the Republic, considering that it
is of para-
 mount importance for the conservation of the good internationalrelations
of the,; Re-
 public to give due and prompt compliance with the prescriptions of article
50 of the
 constitution, decrees the following law relativt to foreigners:
                                  CHAPTER I .
  ARTICLE 1. Salvadorians, by birth or naturalization, are those who are
  in articles 42, 43, and 44 of the constitution of the Republic.
  ARTICLE 2. Foreigners are those who-
  (1) Have been borln outside of the national territory, who are subjects
of foreign
  Governments, and have not been naturalized.ia Salvador,
  (2) The children of a foreign father or of a foreign motherand an unknown
born in the territory of the state until the time when, in accordance with
the. law of
the nation of the father or of the ,mother, respectively, they shall have
majority. If within one year thereafter they should not have been made-known
the governor of the department of their residence that they elect the nationality
their parents, they shall be considered Salvadorians.
  (3) Salvadorian womenwho marry foreigners shall retain their foreign character
during their widowhood. When the matrimony is dissolved the Salvadorian woman
by birth may recover her nationality whenever, in addition. to her residence
in the
Republic, she declares before the respective govetnor her determination 'to
her nationality.
  The Salvadorian woman who by her marriage does not acquire the nationality
her husband according to the laws of his country shall retain her, own nationality.
  The change of nationality of the husband, subsequent to marriage, imparts
also a
change of the nationality of the woman and their minor children, provided
they re.

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