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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the forty-seventh Congress, 1880-'81

Alphabetical index,   pp. 1229-1250 ff. PDF (9.6 MB)

Page 1229

                     ALPHABETICAL INDEX.
Agriculture: in Hayti; celebration of the f6te in honor of; addresses; the
      military display.----------.------------.------------------------------.
    proposed establishment of a department of, and commerce in Japan.. ..
Alexander II: Emperor of Russia; assassinated March 13, 1881..------------242
Alexander III, Emperor of Russia: succeeds to the throne on the death of
      Alexander II; proclamation.--------.---------------------I.---------1009
Aliens in Roumania: passage of an act providing for their expulsion if sus-
      pected of being in intrigue against the new government ..............
Alsace-Lorraine: applicability of the treaties of 1868 with Germany on natu-
      ralization, asserted by the United States; general discussion; cases
      naturalized American citizens in..  .      .   .   ..------------------------
445, 453, 463-471
American pork. (See Hog Products.)
"American University of Pennsylvania": sale of spurious diplomas
by---.-.-- 451
Anglo-Hawaiian treaty: claims under, by British subjects-------------------622
Annexation: President of France opposes, of part of Peru by Chili------------431
      (See Chili and Peru.)
Arbitration: proposed general congress of South American States on; Co-
      lombia takes the initiative; proposal that President of the United
      States act as arbitrator --------------------------------------31114,2122
    proposal to submit the Patagonian boundary question to ; the good offices
      of the United States accepted by Chili and the Argentine Republic.
---  6,130
    proposal to submit the question of boundary between Costa Rica and
      Colombia to King of Belgium..     .   ..------------------------------------.70,
    probable declination of the King.----------.----------------------------.75,
    failure of peace conference at Arica. .  .   ..-------------------------.77,
79, 154-159
    application to South American question.--_---------.----....-------------
    on the Colombian and Costa Rica boundary question; amicable settle-
      ment..       .   .   .   .   .   .     .  .    ..-----------------------.-----------------------------.
 Argentine Republic: cessation of hostilities between the government of,
      the province of Buenos Ayres; congratulations of the United States
      upon the establishment of peace.--------------------------- w----------.1
    reply of minister of foreign affairs of, to the letter of congratulation
      the United States Government; comments of the press.------------..:..
-- 2
    reply of minister of foreign affairs to invitation of Colombia, declining
       arbitration; the history, limitations, and force of arbitration in
       American disputes set forth...----------------------------------------
     United States of Colombia invites, to join in an arbitration congress;
     nounces the acceptance of Chili-.---...--------------------\.---------3
     question of boundary line between, and Chili settled.-----------------.6,130,134
     invited to send delegates to the congress of American States at Wash-
       ington   ---------------------------------------------------------
     war power of.      .      .        ..--------------------------------------w.---------------.96
 Arica: conference at; failure --------------------------77,118,2120,126,154-159
 Arinos: Baron de; appointment to the American-French Claims Commission.
 Armistice: between the Chilian and Peruvian forces before Lima; conflict-
      ing statements as to the breaking of; the Peruvians fire the first
      but the Chilians violate the truce by advancing their troops-.......
 Army: reduction of Colombian; present condition of-..--- --------------342,344
     the question of allowing United States troops to cross the Mexican bor-
       der in pursuit of Indians.------------.-------------------------------.
     American citizens impressed in Mexican; release demanded; Mexican Gov-
       ernment claims the courts should decide; United States Government
       sist on executive settlement, which is granted: the question of dam-
       ages----------------------------------------  .747-749,753,1757,2771,7_91
 Art: proposal to exchange duplicates of the Cipriote and Pompeiia-n collec-
       tions; failure of the negotiation; laws touching art in Italy-..........

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