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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Executive documents printed by order of the House of Representatives. 1875-'76

Great Britain,   pp. 579-657 PDF (35.6 MB)

Page 579

   If the political department of the Government may, from time to time
 pass upon such questions according to the apparent credibility of the
 l)articular evidence offered to impeach the decree, or the varying state-
 ment of an interested party, no uniformity of decision or security for ac-
 quired rights could exist.
   In view of all these considerations, I have the honor to inform you
that under the circumstances, and in the case you state, certificates of
naturalization, valid on their face and founded on the decree of a com-
petent court, cannot be questioned except through judicial proceedings
instituted for the purpose, or in which the correctness of the facts for-
merly passed upon may properly be adjudicated, and that it is not
within the province of the political department of the Government to
anticipate what would be'the result of a judicial inquiry into the ques-
  Iu pursuance of your request, I have the honor to return, herewith,
the two certificates in question.
       Accept, &c.,
                                              HtAMILTON. FISH.
                       GREAT BRITAIN.
                               No. 253.
                     Mr. Fish to General Schenck.
No. 61.6.]                           DEPARTMIENT OF STATE,
                                        Washington, October 3, 1874.
   SIR: I herewith inclose a copy of a letter from the Acting Secretary
 of the Navy, dated October 2, inclosing a copy of a letter addressed to
 that Department by Rear-Admiral Charles H. Dayis, United States
 Navy, president of the Transit of Venus Commission, dated August 27,
 1874, in which Admiral Davis requests that application may be made
 in the proper quarter, through this Department, to procure the free use
of the telegraph-lines from Melbourne to Port Darwin, in Australia,
controlled by the colonial government of South Australia, and between
the ports of Bataviq and Banjuezangi, upon the island of Java, con-
trolled by the authority of that island, to assist the astronomical par-
ties sent out by this Government to observe the transit of Venus, in
determining the difference in longitude between the northern and south-
ern stations, and in which the co-operation of the astronomers of Aus-
tralia and Java is requested.
   It will be remembered that the Government of the United States has
taken a lively interest in the matter, and I will, therefore, thank you to
make application in the proper quarter that the request of Rear-Admi-
ral Davis may be granted if possible, and that the astronomers in Aus-
tralia and Java may be apprised of this desire upon the part of the
head of the commission to co-operate with them in the work.
   Owing to the shortness of time remaining, you will, if possible, cause
the necessary orders to be forwarded without delay, or cause the appli-
cation to be properly forwarded to the colonial authorities for their
action if necessary.
   A like instruction has been forwarded to Mr. Gorham.
       I am, &c.,
                                              HAMILTON FISH.

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