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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Executive documents printed by order of the House of Representatives. 1872-'73

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Page 180

                               No. 123.
                        Mr. Hale to Mr. Wing.
 No. 91.]                         DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                      Washington, September 28, 1872.
   SIR: Your dispatch No. 234, under date of August 8, has been received.
 The information therein contained respecting the increase of American
 enterprise and influence in Ecuador is received with satisfaction.
   It is desired that any effort which may be made by American citizens
 residing abroad to extend the commercial intercourse of the United
 States with foreign countries should be encouraged.
       I am, &c.,
                                            CHARLES HALE,
                                                   Acting Secretary.
                               No. 124.
                     Mr. Fish to Mr. Washburne.
 No. 335.]                          DEPARTMENT OF STATEĆ½
                                         Washington, October 9, 1871.
   Sin: The following extract from a report-made by Minister Leon to
 the Congress of Ecuador, a copy of which accompanied a dispatch of
 the 21st of August last, from our minister at Quito, is transmitted for
 your information:
 Our citizens in Paris having been exposed to the consequences of the horrible
 Franco-German war without any Ecuadorian diplomatic agent which could protect
 their persons and property, found in the minister plenipotentiary (the Houn
 Washburne) of the United States of America aid and protection.
       I am, &c.d,
                                               HAMILTON FISH.
                               No. 125.
                      Mr. Washburne to Mr. Fish.
 No. 551.]                 LEGATION OF THE UNITED ,STATES,
                    Paris, October 30, 1871. (Received November 16.)
   SIR: I do not think I have ever advised the Department of the action I
 have taken since I have occupied my present position, in regard to Mexi-
 can subjects finding themselves in France. Being without representatives
 of any character here they have often applied to me, as being: the repre-
 sentative of a neighboring and friendly power, to perform certain acts
 necessary for their protection, for the certification of documents, and
 issue papers in the nature of passports. Though I have had no particu-
-lar authority from'any quarter, yet, being called upon by Mexican sub-
jects who were in very embarrassed positions, I have deemed it proper

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