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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Executive documents printed by order of the House of Representatives, during the second session of the thirty-ninth Congress, 1866-'67

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local authorities which is sufficiently grave to become the subject of threats
demonstrations of force, is sufficiently serious to be made the subject of
an earn- 
est representation to the Chinese government. 
  Third. That no such threats or demonstrations ought to be madewithout de-
finitive instructions, proceeding either from the legation in China or from
  Fourth. That this government should be kept punctually advised by the lega-
tion of all proceedings to which the minister in China lends his sanction.
   I do not think it expedient to hazard the impairing of the dignity and&au-
thority of the United States in China, by expressing a formal and officiad
probation of the proceedings which took place at Tangchau, but, with the
authority of the President, I give you the following explicit instructions
regard to this and kindred matters. 
   First. That you will employ, or direct the consul to employ, on reasonable
terms, some reliable person to watch the cemetry at Tangchau for the period
of one year. Such person should be, if possible, not obnoxious to prejudices
on the part of the Chinese; and he should report to you directly, or through
the consul, any future desecrations of the cemetery which may occur. 
   Second. That in regard to the desecrations which have heretofore been
you apply directly, earnestly, and urgently to Prince Kung for such indemnities
as will be sufficient to repair the injuries which have been committed, and
he cause the individuals who committed the offences to be brought to speedy
punishment; and also that the Chinese government will indemnify us for the
expense incurred in watching the cemetery. 
   Third. That you ascertain all the facts involved in the charge that Chinese
 subjects prevented citizens of the United States from renting houses. That
 in your judgment, the facts warrant it, you make-a proper representation
of the 
 grievances to Prince Kung, and-ask for immediate and effective redress and
 indemnity, provided that the demand can be sustained under a proper con-
 struction of the treaty between the United States and China, but not otherwise.
   Fourth. That you report-to this department such proceedings as you shall
 in the premises. 
        I am, sir, your obedient servant, 
                                               WILLIAM. H. SEWARD. 
   S. WELLS WILLIAMS, Esq., 4c., 4.-c-,94T, 
                          Mr. Seward to Mr. Hale. 
 No. 12.]                             DEPARTMENT OF STATE, 
                                           Washington, December 11, 1865.
   SIR: I am directed by the President to express emphatically his regret
 the failure which has thus far attended the efforts that have been made
to induce 
 the belligerent parties in Chili to desist from hostilities and to inaugurate
 ures of pacification. You are expected, however, to use your good offices
 this direction whenever, in your opinion, there shall be any reasonable
 whereon to build a hope of success; and I have only one suggestion to offer
 the guidance of your own discretion, which is, that in tendering such good
 it is eminently proper and wise to treat the powers who are actually at
war with 
 equal consideration and respect. 

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