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History of the Forest Products Laboratory

Interview #988: Wolfe, Ronald W. (June, 2009)

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00:19:13 - 00:21:46 Typical Day

Typical day; job descriptions

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Well maybe to go back then. So I guess you told me a little bit about your first day or your first impressions, what about a typical day? Did you have a typical day here or was there a typical day?


I think the typical day is the same as it is just about any place you work I mean it's kind of a---it get's to be---well for me it was like a 7 to 5 workday. Try and come in early to beat the traffic rush and then you'd probably stay around till 4 or 5 o'clock trying to get your work done. But I would say that one of the things about working for the Forest Products Laboratory wasn't for me anyway, it wasn't the same thing every day. It wasn't like working in a factory. You had a number of different areas that you always worked in, one area would be codes and standards for instance, there was a lot of our work where we dealt with the development of standards for product development and for testing. Part of our work would have been where we actually would be writing research proposals and then we would get money to do specific research. And so you always have testing that you might have going on down in the mechanics lab and then you've got work that you are doing as far as just contacting people; as far as work that had to be done for standards, getting ready for standards projects. There's presentations that you had to prepare.

So you had a number of things that had to be done throughout the day and so you could break your day up and try and work on standards in the morning and your research in the afternoon and maybe try and get some of these reports. You also then always had a pile of papers that had to be reviewed for other people, if you want to get your papers reviewed, you need to review quite a few papers for others and you are always being asked by refereed journals to---you know they'll be sending you articles asking you to review these articles to give back to them. So, it was one of those things where you always had more than enough to do and I can't say that it was ever boring, but at times it got to be a little frustrating at not being able to always catch up, there was always a pile, maybe four or five piles.

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