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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

[Articles and opinions pertaining to beekeeping],   pp. 99-105 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 104

new boiler and engineroom, and a
first-elass French blrii corn-moill in
conneetion wit] the factory, and
those of ou friends who live near
entouight can get good imleal here,
but you wilhave to look out, as
Uiicle George, our miller, says if
you doll't bring corn enough to
pay toll he has a place to hide
Your sncks.
We have always had a rest spell
at about this time of the yearin the
factory, but it seems quite different
this season, as we are now running
and tilling orders rigit aloig. We
ship to day, August 16th, a large
order to Mexico, and have a big
order to till for West Texas, andi
onough orders on hand to keep us
busy for several days. This we
are j1proud of, and it now looks as
though we would have to keep
steamed 111) the year round.
The South Texas Bee- Keepers'
Association will meet at College
Station next year, some tiie in
.July, in joint session with the Cet-
tral and North Texas Associations,
at the some time of the meeting of
the Texas Fanners' Congress, the
exact date of which will be given
in ample timte for all to prepare to
go. We have spoken a little pe-
mature abont the North Texas, but
we will try to get thei to meet
with us next year. We shall try
to attend the convention of the
North Texas, next April, and lay
the inatter before them in such a3
manner that we are sure they will
meet with us.
The San Antonio Fair Associa-
tion has invited bee-keepers to
make exhibits at next October's
fair and all those that desire to do
so please let us know the amount
of space wanted at once a1(d we
will arrange for it. Do not put
this matter off, but let us know at
once. The fair will be front Octo-
ber 20th to November 2nd, and we
would be glad to imeet as many
bee-keepers there as will come.
Suppose we arrange Thursday, G)-
tober 25th, for bee-keepers to
imteet, when we can have a kind of
inited meeting for our mutmitual hen-
eit. Who will be there and what
will you bring?
As there is no room for us to
start the report of the convention
of the South Texas Bee- Keepers'
Association in this issue we will
say that we had a good neeting
and were treated with great kind-
ness by Mr. & Mrs. Faust, Mr.
Davidson and all tle bee-keepers
of Wilson County, as well as the
citizens of Floresville and vieinity.
)t Mr. Picket gave tihe entire
convention a grand and delicious
treat of lIrge and well-matured

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