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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

[Articles and opinions pertaining to beekeeping],   pp. 99-105 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 102

F;.J. AiT ll IEY',  -  -  lEditor tand  Pusittes. 31'g'.
woIutt  CHARLit  ANt) AIANDA  ATrill .
Ais.jENNI; ATCHLEY, Editress and Muantager
of School for Heginners.
Terms of Subscription.
One year, in advance, -       -    $r.oo
Three tonths, trial trip,     -     .25
Three back numbers, all different,   .1o
Postage Extra, (24 cents) on all foreign
subscriptions except Canada and Mexico.
Advertising Rates.
One inch, one time,  -   -
"    "   "1  year,  -
An X opposite your address signifies
that your subscription has expired, and
when date is also given it indicates that
-ou are indebted to us from that date to
this issue. If you desire your paper dis-
continued, drop us a note to that effect,
or we will continue to send the paper.
General Instructions.
Send money by registered mail, P. 0.
order, express money order or by bank
draft. Do not send private check under
any circumstances. One andi two cent
stamps will be accepted for amounts nu-
der one dollar-must be in good order.
Our international money order office is
Beeville, Texas, and all remittances
from foreign countries must he made
through that office.
Address all communications to
Beeville, Bee Co., Texas.
ntered at the Post Office at Beeville, Texas, for
transTmt ission thirough the mails at second class rates.
We have but little space, this
montl, for anything but Central
Texas Report.
See the ad of the San Antonio
I nternational Fair Association else-
where in] this issiue.
We have no room1 for school this
month, but will try to answer all
questions, or as Imlany as possible,
next month.
Bees are doing well now, and
buillding uIp fast, and if everything
is favorable this fall we expect
some honey yet.
The honey we spoke about, which
we saw in the Floresville depot, as
belonging to M1. MN. Faust, we
learn was the property and pro-
d uction of G. F. Davidson, which
correction we are glad to make.
We are now shipping honey into
Mi ssouri, Kansas, Arkansas and
the Indian Territory, and by this
we suppose that crops are short in
those states, and that bulk coimlb
holley is good enough for northern
people too.
The writer, W. II. Laws, F. L.
Aten, J. IB. Salyer, and V. 3. Lea-
hy, took in Mr. Aten's apiaries, one
day before the Ilitto (onventioll,
and we shall try to give a full
write upij of that trip sooni, as space
forbids it in this issue. We will
also include the apiaries of W. I.
Laws, which were visited t he sane
10 .

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