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Foth and Van Dyke and Associates, Inc. / Environmental impact report for the Crandon project
Volume IIIa (1998)

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1 Introduction
Crandon Mining Company's (CMC) proposed mine/mill process will be a net consumer
of water.
However, even during a drought year, the total amount of mine drainage due
to groundwater
inflow will likely exceed the demand for makeup water in the mine process
water system.
Therefore, dewatering of the mine will result in a surplus of water which
must be discharged
from the site. CMC proposes to treat this water on-site to meet applicable
effluent standards for
ultimate discharge to the Wisconsin River approximately 38.3 miles west of
the facility. The
proposed route is shown on Figure 1-1.
This document provides a description of the proposed action and the existing
environment the
pipeline traverses, an assessment of the potential environmental impacts,
and an alternatives
evaluation. The document addresses the pipeline corridor from the intersection
of the proposed
plant site access road and State Trunk Highway (STH) 55 to the Wisconsin
River. The portion
of the pipeline extending from the plant site along the proposed access road
to STH 55 is
addressed separately in the main body of the project's 1995 Environmental
Impact Report (EIR)
(Foth & Van Dyke, 1995a).
MKJ\MLD2\93CO49\R-WIRIWWV\10000 Wisconsin River Wastewater Discharge Pipeline
September 12, 1995
Foth & Van Dyke   1

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