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Cook, E.H. (ed.) / The bee-hive
Vol. 1, No. 6 (February, 1887)

[Articles and opinions pertaining to beekeeping],   pp. [49]-60

Page [49]

VOL, 1.             ANDOVER, CONN., FEBRUARY, 1887.              NO, 6,
SNOW.                 est chap I know of exclaimed Frank
dgustedly; " why, that don't look
Gently as liles shed their leaves,  any more like a coffee-pot, than you
When snmmer days are tair,      look like, l-i-k-e, 1-i-k-e a saw mill."
'ile feathery snow comes floating down,
Like blossoms on the air:           "What do you call it" said Dick,
And o'er the world like angels' wings;
Unifolding soft and white,
ft broods above the brown sere earth,
And ills with forms of light,
'Tre dead and desolate domain     "It's a bee-smoker; don't you see
Where Winter holds his iron reign.
-     F l and Garden.  how it works ?" answered Frank, work-
ig the bellows with his hand, which
forced the air out at the nozzle with a
"swishino" kind of noise.
Murisrn ApiuulturH               "I say, Frank, wont it make the
OR,bees 'howl' when ou blow a lot of to-
low Frank made Bee-Keeping Pay.  baco smoke into their hive?  Let's go
and try it right off?"
CHAPTER V.                 "Who said I was going to use to-
T WANT to see; he'll appreciate bacco in this smoker, that's what I
these things better than you can should like to know?  And besides it
mother," exclaimed Frank as he rush-
ed toward the door, still holding the turb them now."
smoker and   foundation.  He saw      "Why, nobody saidyou was going
Dick coming up the road and was to use tobacco in the smoker. Father
anxious to have him rejoice with him  uses it when he takes his honey off in
over the nice goods just received.  the fall, and I supposed you would
By the time he had opened the door use tobacco, too."
and reached the gate, Dick was with-  "No, I shall use only dry rotten
in a few rods, but had not seen him  wood in this smoker, ftr'the smoke is
as yet.  Waving the smoker in the all that is needed; besides if I had got
air above his hand, Frank cried, "what to use tobacco I would n't keep bees,
do you think I've got here: I'll bet for I dislike the smell it is disagree-
you can't guess ?"able to me.                     C   e around to the
"You must think I'm green, not to shop and see what else I will show
be able to tell what that is. Don't you,' Frank said, as he started in
you supjose we have a coffee-pot up that direction. As they walked along
at our house? We don't have a clum- Dick spied the sheet of foundation in
sy looking handle on it like that, Frank's hand and said:     "What is
though."                            that stuff 'ou've got there? It looks
Dick was not very observing, and like beesw ax."
had mistaken it for a new kind of cof- That is just what it is. You see
fee-pot.                            it is stampet out exactly like the base
"Well, if you aren't about the grean of the cells in honey com , sthat al

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