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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

[Advertisements],   pp. 105-112 ff. PDF (2.2 MB)

New York Qu1totations.
One-frame, bees, brood     and
queen, $1.75. Two-frame, $2.50.
Three-frame, $3.oo. Discount on
larger lots. All queens from itu-
ported mothers. I will also sell
full colonies. Write for prices.
Round Hock, TeIxas.
- Pentst mntion THEi QIIN.
A Liberal Offer.
We wvil give as a premium for every
new ubscriber with $i.oo this year, one
nice untested Italian queen, and to all
olI ones that will pay lip and one year
in advance.  Jennie Atchley Co.
Beeville, Texas.
h'lre is : stemli demand for :l grads
of comb honetY. The receipts arc nlot
W qu1ot14  to-daiy':
WIIITE    1ancy. 15   t 1  ets. per i.
No. 1 . .1:3j to  1 14  "  1
A NIlBEHt. .. .. .. . .. . 11I  to  12  " "
IT(N'WEAI    . 9 to I t     "'
EX'HACI1,i) HO1)NEY 14lId sIIley i1
1h 1 t followi n I nices:
('alifornia  White....81 to  9  its. p  tb.
Light Aimber........... to 81   4   1
A iteltr.....................4    "  "
We are asking, for Extracted Buck-
wheat, 61 to 7 ts. for kegs, and 7 to 7A
cts. for tins, ne(-ordin~g to clitality, but
wvith very little trade.
Florida Extr1-a10ed. ..8 to 81 Mts. per 1It.
Light Antler.........7  to  8
Ainier..............7  o 7A   "
Otither grades of Moithern at from 75 to
80 cts. per gallon, nicoring to quality.
BEES-wAX:   Dimnd        litle  miore
:,t iv at tht following prices: 27 to 28
ets. 1er th.
FRAN('s If. Lit;iETr r CO.,
Franklin, West IBruomway & VYriek Sis.,
.Ian. 11, 1900.        New York Cit\.
In Tennessee
There is only one lp-to-date journal
published in the interest of Agriculture
and Mannfacture. THEFV ' STTENNESSEF
leads all others. A Monthly Iudus-
trial Journal with a growing circulation.
Has now more than 5,000 readers. Sub-
scription price, 50 cents a year in ad-
vanice. Alvertising rates made known
on application. Address
The West Tennessee Industrial Journal,
-sPlease mnention Tmi Qi :N.

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