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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

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Page 112

11 ~2             THE SOUTHLAND QUEEN.                       August,
IW               Bighami Perfect BELE Smokers and
 onev kni Ves                 Patented 1878, 1882 and 1892.
Smoke engin j largest smok-  Per I)oz.     each          lirectlIraft I'erfect
4-inch stove I  er niade   $13 00. Mail, $1 50             BINGHAM
Doctor,      3 inch stove    9 00.      1 1 10
Conqueror,   3      "         6 50.      1 1 00         B66 Smoker
Large,        2j    "         5 00.          90                / m
Plain,       2                4 75-          701
Little Wonder, 2              4 50.-         60
Honey Knife,                  6 oo.          S
All Bingham smokers are stamped on the metal
Patented f 88Knives, B&II
The four larger sizes have extra wide shields and
double coiled steel wire handles. These SHIELDS
ways cool and clean. No more sooty or burnt fingers. The Plain and Lit-
tle Wonder have narrow shields and wire handles. All Binghan Smokers
have all the new improvements, viz: Direct Draft, Movable Bent Cap, Wire
Handles, Inverted Bellows, and are in every way ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.
Fiteen Years for a Dollar!  One-half a Cent for a Month
IN:AR SW : Have utsed the Conqueror v3 ears. I was always pleas.ed with ita workings, but thintk-
I would n teed  new  one thi sununer, I write f-r  t: t .  I  1h, not think  the 4- inch  Snoke
engine ton lar t.    Youtr,,   Wo..   \V  H. R ,  .  ans,  Janu  f aitrr 5  27, lscq
T. F. BINGHAM. Farwell, Mich.
Are You Looking For It?E:
Ar 1      fWr'HAT?
Are you looking for Foutlation to use this year? Then, don't look any
farther; as DADArNTs, have now been before the bee-keeping world, for niany
years, stands without a rival today. If you never saw any of Dadants' founda-
tion, send a Postal for free sample, together with their catalogue. They guar-
antee every inch of their foundation to be as good as sample sent, and ito con-
plaints ever conie against it. They have also revised, Laugstroth on the hive
and Honey Bee, and you can scarclv afford to do without this large and valuable
book. Post paid $ i.25. We sell every thing needed in the apiary.
(HAS. DADANT & SON,          Hamilton, IItcock Co., Ills.

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