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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

[Advertisements],   pp. 105-112 ff. PDF (2.2 MB)

Page 111

1900.                     THE SOUTHLAND QUEEN.                                            Ill
onapprovaltoyouraddress WITHOUT A          ENTIN      ADVAN      E.
SEND Us YOUR ORDER, state whether you wish lady's or man's
wheel; giveclo, height of frame and gear wanted and WE WILL SHIP
THE WHEEL C.        ) D. on approval, allowing you to unerate and ex-
amine it fu1 lly before you accept It. if it is not all and more than we
claim for it, and a better wheel than you cal get for any where near the
price from any one ele, refuse it and we will pay all express charges
ourselves. Tihe "MONTROSE"           Bicycle
at our SpecIal Agent's saple price of               g       -
is the greatest bargain  n a iIcycle ever offered. We guarantee] t equal
to any 40 wheel on the market, and you need not accept it nor pay a eit
if you do not find it Ls we represent. We are EXOLUSIVE BICYCLE
MANUFACTURERS and take this method of quickly introducing
our 1900 MODELS. This offer of a sample wheel at this low price is
iazle to secure a RIDER   AGENT in each town to represent us
and take orders. Our agents make money fast.
SPEClFCATIOS Frame. ',2, 24 or 26 inch; ladies. 22 inch. Best
SPEIF UICATIUNS. Shelby seamless tubing with forged connee-
tions, flush joints, improved expander device to fasten seat post and
handle bar; Royal Arch crowi; the cele-rated M-vi. hubs and hanger-
the easiest running known; Record "A" tires. the Nist and one of tle
most expensivetires on the market. The genuine $4 Meinger Hyalo
saddle; pel, tools and accessories the best obtainable. Enameled in
black, maroon or coach green, highly finished and ornamented; special
finished nickeling oi all bright parts. We thoroughly test every piece
of material that goes into this machue. Our binding year'. guar-
antee bond with each bicycle.
EE to any sne sending the $16.50 cash In full with order we will
FR5     send free a genuine Burdick 10,000 mile barrel pattern cyclo-
meter; or a high grade floor pump. Your money all back if you are not
Sperfectly satisfied.
CHEAP WHMEELS. We do not manufacture the cheap depart-
UHEAP      WHEL.e mentastore kind of wheel such as Iany new
concerns and big supply houses advertise and sell as high grade. We can furnish them,
however, ati. to $7 stroped; or C5.Th to 812.50 complete. We do not guarantee nor recom-
niend them. IIEF41RE ORDERING a bicycle of any one else, no matter who or how
cheap, write us and let is tell you how much we can save you on tire same machine.
If yu IUNABLE Ao        ly a whiel we ranassistyuto EARN A BICYCLE bydis-
are U       L      U  UI tibti-, eatalotuesfosafewdays. Wereedoneperson
in each town for this purpose. We have several huidred SECOND HAND WHEELS taken in trade which we
will close out at $3 to $10 each; also some shopworn samiles and '99 models very cheap. Send for Harg.ln List.
OUR RELIABILITY is unquestioned. Ve refer to any bank or business house iI Chicago. or any exprrss or
railroad com any. We will se d you letters of reference direct from the lariest banks in Chicago if you wish it.
SEND     Y   URTh                       low pie ad these xpeelal terms of shipment without deposit will
Je Li ... C                            Ei                 of thiaopper.
J. L. MEAD CYOLE COMPANY, Chicao, s1s.

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