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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

[Articles and opinions pertaining to beekeeping],   pp. 99-105 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 100

100                                               August.
four11th to the lifth dahy anlother.
fooldI is gived t4 toithe wo)ker : antd
drone hlve.  T6 tle( chyle not
fllvY dig4ested lymlille is aldded bY
anid bv.  This is obser'ved by ithe
Ipresence of pollenl-Ahellsill the Lit-
val foo4d.  From  the lifth day of
the hrval iig4 till fit' cell is talpped,
honley :111l pollenl are fed to worker.
mid dronlehrv.
Th' egg laying t')lieitv of tit'
uteeni is depeident not onlY oni
the fer-tilit v, but onl the( ouolnt of
thyle fed  to her by the yoinlg
Workers also.
Bveoinnling  ill early qpringo. whenl
the first eggs  14are lyed by the
qu1een ill tihe venter of the( her 01d1s-
ter, the first twenty-onle or, twenity-
two tdiys tlit food for the quee'n
lnd Ie lt' is prelared  by bees
that wee raised th yt'leal btefore.
Ut Ion you41 ng bees ile guiwing
oit of the cells;il 1nd4now teit' voinig
bwe't n44d the 1brood nit inlcrealsing
layidliyo  a   the e You4n'' . bevt
lwepare ch *l-I( inlstincetivelY inl hlare
pulantities and( feed the quleenl co-
piously.   1With the inicreasinglo
uinher of youg. betes thie  liit
(f produced chyle is illresinig
the qilleenl rCeiv' mI' yore of it 'nid
11\ys m1ore andmre. move   ill oe
eggs casli  more  h I nid m'tore
chle~ mlore agg.  Everythling is
1Vicreasing" int In harmilony als lon,
-is the quleenl is able to inlcrelsv
the num11ber. of (--gs she is hlain
daily  Bu   t   e filitv of ev.ry
quleen is limited. partiallyv bY th,
power. of thll ovmry, partIin~ly, by
the aut11helr of' cimpty cells inl which
egg-s (.nl he Inid, whilch is espievially
t4o 1 considered it simll 514 i hives. As
soon as lhe que0n ii flf eg't ay 111 inl-
cownsingo num11ber. of eggsdily a
surplis of youllg bees is created
and1 IeY prodnce a srpiluspIi of
chyle, for which  the, ven na't finid
-customliers aid this is the mitiore so
if the numbiiiher' of eggs is dinin-
ishilg.  The first nweessary effect
i's thAt the chle~ is not regnegroitlt-
vd': it iiemainis inl tit' stomach forl
sone timt an1d diffises necessurily
into the blood of the bee,  uatisinlg
;il extension of the blood. Al ex-
tended blood is tihe n'ecessitv to
get the vaX-glanids of tli bees inl
noction1 n111d consequently wax is se-
erted.  In faet under these ciL-
4411i1n)Ices ve val find vevx stales
onl t ~hody of nlyI every younig
bee. This is iiportilit forl prat-
Sita Il le' keepin'g.
We know inl prodiig wax, fat
anid siuial are consuieitd, while al-
binilel is not liecessar y for. this
p111ose.  Ae4ordintug to the laws
of diffusion  more su 1) gar will go
frot the ' tvle inl the stoilach into
lit' blood  thoii  alblimen, if 1'he
sugai of the blood is consumed in
wa x-set1Crtionl.  Conisequenitly tit'
blood   as well as the  chyle inl the
stoml  h in mst necessarily get ich-
cr in allbumlenl, and  we suippose
thait this  condition  is of mullch inl-
tiltence onl thei impillsesof the bees
an1d cmis4's at first the desire for
drones.  )rone-cells ar14e built :n1d
thit' quaei lays eggs into thit' dronle-
ells. heeiise the sat) lihuyle, rich
oi lbmn is fed to heri, anid thbe
smile rich ch vle is fed  to thle
dr1owl ine.

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