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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

Central Texas bee-keepers' convention,   pp. [85]-98 PDF (3.4 MB)

Page 98

back. If a valuible quneen plot inl
Q. 3;.-WAhicl is the best size
super and   fraime for Inlk combh
Ans.-After a long discussion
by iany, the shallow    super and
franie were greatly in preference.
Especially the a' ineh deep sulper
and 5R inch frames.
Q. 4. Can anyone give light on
why so many virgin (1een5s sole-
tilles disappear?
Ans .-Many are caught by birds
or isect-loving aniimals when they
take their wedding tight. Many
are balled by their own bees and
other ways by which they get lost.
Mostly during had weather it
seems as though the bees want to
force the virgin queen out t pwr-
forim her duties, as more are balld
oil this account, and   it (hoes Iot
happen often whell the weather is
all favorable.   Some are balled
when returning from    their bridal
A list of bee-keepers was taken:
E. Y. Terral, anmeron,           50
.J. H. Tom, Georgetown,          12
Jas. Gage, EIghi,                44
T B. Honsuls, Davilla, 51
WV. I. Calwell, 'T'l ortitale,  1 5
Louis Scvholl, Hunter,           53
E. R. Jones, Mlilanlo,           65
Tom Houwtstttitn, i)ei valley,  25
1). C. Milai, Uvalde,          390
E. Letz, Hunoter,               20
W. H. Alndely, Rogers,          150
0. P. Hyde & Son, Hitto,       550
J. Atchley Co., Beeville,      1200
tdo Toupperwein, Leon Springs    80
B. A. (iOness, He idenheimer,   200
L. Stnielhvauosen , Converse,  250
I. Jaohn, San Antonio,         25
R. C. Knowles, Auiltman,         31
J. J. Waldrip, San Marcos,     130
F. J. R. Davenport, Nash,       181
F. A. Davenport, Nash,  .        10
1-ehus Guess. Hteidellhiumer,  2
G. F. Da vidsonl, Faiview,    400
.J. 11. Salyer, Jontal.        225
F. L. Aten, Round Rock,         300
I. II. Liws, Round Rock,        263
Fiiet Hyde, Hitto,              3
Chas. Freirich, Rosanky,         60
Lonnie Gage, Elgit,               4
Rogers & Hlarden, Hutto,         50
E. Ht. Norwood, Gartield,        19
W. A. Evans, Goebel,            185
Geo. ienley, Round Rock,         35
Mr. & Mrs. C. R. West, Waxalatchie,  15
A1. M. Faust, Floresville,  .   295
A. 1. Renstorn, Jonah,           15
L. E. Heiggnest, Georgetown,     50
W. S. Burson, llutto,            70
Henry iidt, Hutto,           50
Gus. McCori tuck, Phluegerville,  60
b        Total                   5808
There were many      other qiues-
tions answered and    discussed by
all. The apiarian    exhibit at the
hall cnsisted   of may     usefil
tools, imiplemients and appliances,
besides the fine honey and bees.
Next year a grald exhibit is ex-
Iectedtobe l1eld at College Station
whein the Association ieets there.
There will be prizes offered for
the different exhibits, of which a
great many have already been do-
noted to be awarded by a connit-
tee of four, appointed by the con-
veltion, which are, Louis Scholl,
W. II. Laws, J. B. Salyer and 0.
I. Hyde.
The secretary has been request-
ed to solicit donations for prizes
and a list will he given later.
This was indeed a grand meet-
ing of bee-keepers.
President.     Se'y and Treas.

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