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Bennett, B.S.K. (ed.) / The Pacific bee journal
Vol. 5, No. 10 (October, 1902)

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Page [301]

Pacific Honey Producers
(Successor to Bennett Bee Hive Co.)
CERS ND DIRLCTORS                             I   ul,
1 111 lMgr.  Shippers        "02  I I L St 01
LOFFETT, Vie Pres.   Exporters             $50,000
Manufacturers and Dealrs in
Bee Hives and
E. M.( ARLSON, See'y
C. II. MILER, (arr9 trttit
Citizen, and First Nat-
ional Bank,.
r th
$1.00 per Share
oftie, of Corporation
237 E. Fourth St.
Wall St. and E. Los Angeles
W arhoues
Third & San Pedro Sts.
c/1 Bee Keepers Corporation
The Capital Stock is sold only to honey producers. Under
the control of California Laws the officers of a Corpor-
ation are chosen by the directors who are liable, jointly
and severally, to the stockholder for any embezzlement of
the officers, and directors are not allowed to incure debts,
except by majority vote of the stockholders.
Stockholders Security Each share represented in Bees, Hives
and Supplies.
Profitable Apiaries Only in California, Arizona, Utah, Texas
and Cuba.
Capital Stock Bee keepers may exchange apiaries for stock.
Immense Profits One share may draw $1. dividend in a good
Yearly Dividends Realized even if a honey failure at one po int
Honey Markets Establish depots of distribution in world markets
Steady Employment To skilled apiarists the year round.
Interesting Capital To buy and hold our produce for better
Bees and Stock Bee keepers have possession of both and a salary
Stockholders Entitled to discount on order of supplies.
Only a Few Of the best paying apiaries taken for stock.
so . .       00"    0"6 .        0   s ..      0    e     " 0
H1. S.
Jos -

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