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Leahy, R. B. (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. XI [XIII], No. 11 (Nov., 1903)

[Beekeeping articles continued],   pp. 304-306

Page 306

tion to rejoice that he met precisely
the same treatment that he accorded
Mr. Benton a few years ago. But if
Mr. Abbott is wrong, it is very evident
even from the biased account given in
the Review, that something is wrong
somewhere else too. It does not ap-
pear that there was any necessity for
a committee on amendments, or con-
stitutionally required that amendments
should pass through that committee,
which by the way appears to only
a  convenlion  committee, not an
association  committee. It does not
appear that Mr. Abhott was not
within his rights in refusing to recog-
nize it, and it seems as if the conven-
tion did a rather silly thing in refer-
ring his amendments to committee for
the express purpose of overriding the
right of a member to bring his amend-
ments directly before the association.
it is quite possible that the members
of the convention, which is only a small
part of the association, were as much,
or more guilty, as Mr. Abbott in
wanting to run things their own way.
It is stated that Mr. Abbott met such
a storm of hisses, stamping and jeers
as to be unable to be heard. The mere
statement is a disgrace to the conven-
tion. Such an occurrence is pure mob
spirit, nothing more, the most base of
cowardly acts, whereby each member
insults one man in the most ofensive
ranner as he would not dare to do if
he met him    man to man. But the
worst featare of all is the disposition
on the part of some to insitate that
behavior of any kind is an excuse
for injustice. Whatever a man may
say or do be has the inalienable right to
be heard in his own defense, and to be
accorded justice. Even Guitteau was
granted that much. If every feeling
of decency had been outraged by Mr.
Abbott he would s'ill be entitled to a
hearing. Not until both   sides are
heard, comes the proper time for a
judgment to be delivered. As it is, we
really do not know whether Mr. Abbott
was originally treated bauly or not:
we have as got d reason to suspect that
as anything, and if he has been very
passionate and indiscreet in his en-
deavors to right himself, that has noth-
ing to do with the ab-olute right and
wrong of the matter. One thingis sure,
that Pharisaism is not justice. If the
National Association is going to con-
tinue to act and talk as a few of its
leaders do, the time will come when
jastice-loving people will feel it a di -
grace to belong to it. But I do not be-
lieve that the majority of the Associa-
tion favors mob rule.
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