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Leahy, R. B. (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. XI [XIII], No. 11 (Nov., 1903)

A story of brotherhood,   pp. 300-[302-303]

Page 301

things than its pathos. A day or two
later these friends found a little red
memorandum book in some pocket or
trunk. Therein wr.s a clear statement,
in the handwriting of the dead boy, of
certain moneys, notes and properties he
possessed. It was a revelation indeed.
He had loaned money by hundreds of
dollars to various parties, and in this
record directed his friends as to where
the securities were and what disposi-
tion he wished to be made of them.
Very touching were some of these
gifts, and very surprising was the wis-
dom with which he had sought to re-
compense benefactors and bless the
future life of their little child-his
comrade. Out of his meager wages as
a type setter, he had saved a fair little
fortune. His employer said: "If ever
a boy was spotless in character this
one was. I never heard him use in-
pure or profane words. He was always
in good company and liked his books.
He was economical,-but generous. We
loved him as our own."
Young men of the world-here is a
situation worth considering. You who
think of getting rich quick by gambl-
ing and by other questiona ble methods;
you who think ordinary wages are in-
sufficient and spurn them while you
delve into schemes of infamy and plun-
der-when your days of vigor are num-
bered, you will be more penniless than
this manly workman. And after you
have spent a life-time in boasting of
social exploits and social worth, and
blue-blooded ancestry, you will fail to
find anything in your lives more really
manly and truly beautiful than the
faithful service, charity and associa-
tions of the two men in this little, true
story.-Plattsburg Leader.
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