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Leahy, R. B. (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. XI [XIII], No. 11 (Nov., 1903)

[Articles and opinions pertaining to beekeeping],   pp. [293]-299

Page 299

C*                AND
Warranted to give satifation. those are the kind reaired by      N
URI N-TH E-QUEEN- BREEDER.                 y
We guarantee every queen sent out to please you or it may be returned inside of 9
j 60 days and a nother will be sent "Gratis."
Our business was established in 1888, our stock originated from the best and highest,
priced LONG TONGUED CLOVER BREEDERS in the U. S. We send out fine queens
and send them out promptly. We guarantee safe delivery to any State, Continental
Island or Europetn Country.
The A\. . Root & Co.. tell us that our stock is extra fine while the editor of the Ameri- r
can tlee-Journal says that he has good reports fron our stock from time to time  Dr.
J. E. Gandy of lumbolt, Neb., says that he secured over 400 pounds of loney, (mostly
comb) from single colonies containing on queens.
A few more testimonials:
1. F. Meritt of' Breckenridge St. Lexing-
ton, KY.. wri es, "The bees sent me last   Price of Queens After July First.
)uly did splendid. Each colony has at
!east 75 poutnd honey. (pretty good for two                       1        t
frame nuclei.)                           Large Selected.   ..  ... ...   7c 4 i00
Mr. J. Roorda  of  Demotte, Ind., writes  Tested Stock.... ..............:l 00  5 00
saying, "Send nme six more queens, the 48  Selected Tested... ............. 1 50  8 00
sent me last spring are hustlers."       breeders--------------- 5 00
Mr. Wmin Smiley of Glasgow, Pa., writes  Two-Fran e Nuclei (no
W  stying, "Your  bees beat all the rest, now   queen)  .. .. -. .. .........  00
send ni a breeder of the same kindt[."
A  N ortoi of Mitn terey, Callif., wvrites IAd the price of whatever queen is want-
saying '_tostock excells the traittof  ed to that of rn ucl i On r nuclei bl d up
Mr. "---       wih is sadt  outstrip  fast, ad if ltnot ptirchbased too ltite will miiakIe
till others. Your stock excells in profit-  some surplus honey.
able results as well as in beauty.
Queen reari ng is our specialty. we give it our undivided attention arnd rear as Many
queens (perhaps more) thatn any breeder in the north. No order is too large for us, as
wve keep 00 t o 500 ou iand ready to mail. Send all orders to

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