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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook area reports: domestic 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 2 (1978-1979)

Boyle, James R.; Bicker, Alvin R.
Mississippi,   pp. 291-297 ff. PDF (578.0 KB)

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See footnotes at end of table. 292 MINERALS YEARBOOK, 1978-79 
Table 2.—Value of nonfuel mineral production in Mississippi, by
 Co 1977 1978 Minerals produced in 1978 
  unty      in order of value 
Adams  --  W SandandgraveL 
Benton   W  W Clays. 
Bolivar $263  $230 Sand andgravel. 
Carroll   W   W Sandandgravel,clays. 
Chickasaw  264   73 Stone. 
Clay   W   W Stone,sandandgraveL 
Copiah 4,264 5,407 SandandgraveL 
)eSoto  263 1,826   Do. 
Forrest   W  W   DO. 
George   36   61   Do. 
Grenada   --   W   DO. 
Hancock   374  569   Do. 
Harrison    W  180   Do. 
Hinds   W   W Clays 
Holmes 2,077 2,305 SandandgraveL 
Itawamba._   W   W Clays, sand andgraveL 
Jackson   W   W Magnesium compounds, lime. 
Jefferson Davis  101   40 Sand and graveL 
Jones   W   W Clays. 
Kem~er   W   W   Do. 
Laucferdale   W   W   Do. 
Lee   W   W Sand and gravel. 
Lincoln  125   W Clays, sandandgravel. 
Lowndes  20,133 22,614 Cement,sandandgravel,stone,clays. 
Marion  611  579 Sand andgraveL 
Marshall —   W   W Clays. 
Monroe   W   W Clays,sandandgraveL 
Newton  -—   W Sand andgraveL 
Noxubee    W   W Clays,stone. 
Panola   W  W Clays,sandandgraveL 
Perry   W  498 SandandgraveL 
Pike  875  875   Do. 
Prentiss   W   W Clays. 
Quitman    W   W   Do. 
Eankin   W   W Cement, stone, clays. 
Smith   W  W Clays. 
Stone  815  805 Sandandgravel. 
Sunflower    14   17 Clays. 
Tate  285   W Sandandgravel. 
Tippab   W  W Clays. 
Tishominga.   W   W Stone, sand and gravel. 
Waithall —  200   10 Sandandgravel. 
Warren 1,660   W   Do. 
Washington   W   W   Do. 
Wayne  --  343 Stone. 
Winston   W   W Clays. 
Yalobusha    W  794 SandandgraveL 
Yazoo 1,623 3,133   Do. 
Undistributad2 43,485 56,460 
 Total - ~77,468 96,824 
W Withheld to avoid disclosing company proprietary data; included with "Undistributed."
 1The following counties were not listed because no nonfuel mineral production
was reported: Alcorn, Amite, Attain, Calhoun, Choctaw, Claiborne, Clarke,
Coahoma, Covington, Franklin, Greene, Humphreys, Issaquena, Jasper, Jefferson,
Lafayette, lamar, Lawrence, Leake, Leflore, Madison, Montgomery, Neahoba,
Oktibbeha, Pearl River, Pontotoc, Scott, Sharkey, Simpson, Tallahatchie,
Tunica, Union, Webster, and Wilkinson. 
2lncludes nonfuel mineral production that cannot be assigned to specific
counties and values indicated by symbol W. 
 3Data do not add to total shown because of independent rounding. 
Table 3.—Indicators of Mississippi business activity 
 1977 1978 l9l9~ percent 
Employment and labor force, annual average: 
 Totalcivilianlaborforce thousands. 961.0 969.0 987.0 +1.9 
 Unemployment do~~ 71.0 68.0 57.0 -16.2 
 Employment (nonagricultural): 
 Mining do.~_ 7.6 8.6 9.4 +9.3 
 Manufacturing do~_ 230.1 235.3 235.2 -— 
 Contractconstruction do_~_ 41.0 44.9 46.9 +4.5 
 Transportationandpublicutilities do_~_ 36.1 38.5 41.2 +7.0 

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