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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Briggs, Ted C.
Nitrogen,   pp. 881-896 PDF (2.1 MB)

Page 883

Gulf Central Storage and Terminal Co. pacity of 30,000 tons. Five additional
announced plans to build four refrigerated stations were to be added in the
storage tanks for anhydrous ammonia. The Central pipeline system.8 
tanks will be located at Iowa Falls and Al- 
gona, Iowa; Aurora, Nebr., and Crawfordsville, Ind., and each tank will have
a ca- ~ ~,t4~e 
Table 4.—Domestic producers of ainmonium nitrate 
(Thousand short tons per year of NHoNO,) 
 Company Location Capacity 
 Agway, Inc   Olean, N.Y 69 
 Air Products & Chemicals Inc   Pace Junction, Fla 100 
 Allied Chemical Corp   Geismar, La 174 
    Do   Hopewell, Va 287 
    Do   La Platte, Nebr 100 
    Do   South Point, Ohio 100 
 American Cyanamid Co   Hannibal, Mo 132 
 Apache Powder Co   Benson, Aria 66 
 Arkla Chemical Corp   Helena, Ark 96 
 Atlas Chemical Industries, Inc   Joplin, Mo 233 
    Do   Tamaqua, Pa 40 
 Carolina Nitrogen Corp   Wilmington, N.C 188 
 CF Industries, Inc   Fremont, Nebr 32 
 Central Nitrogen, Inc   Terre Haute, Ind 182 
 Cherokee Nitrogen, Inc   Pryor, Okla 85 
 Chevron Chemical Co   Richmond, Calif 41 
    Do   Fort Madison, Iowa 78 
   Do   Kennewick, Wash 83 
 Collier Carbon & Chemical Corp   Brea, Calif 60 
    Do   Kennewick, Wash 100 
 Columbia Nitrogen Corp   Augusta, Ga 208 
 Cominco-American Ltd   Beatrice, Nebr 149 
 Commercial Solvents Corp  Sterlington, La 187 
    Do   Marion,Ill 40 
 Cooperative Farm Chemical Assn   Lawrence, Kans 270 
 Farmers Chemical Co   Tunis, N.C 165 
   Do   Tyner, Tenn 165 
 Gulf Oil Corp   Pittsburg, Kans 860 
    Do   Henderson, Ky 112 
 Hawkeye Chemical Co   Clinton, Iowa 147 
 Hercules, Inc   Hercules, Calif 80 
    Do   Louisiana,Mo 460 
    Do   Donora,Pa 137 
 Illinois Nitrogen Co   Marseilles, ill 99 
 Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals Co   Savannah, Ga 198 
    Do   Tampa,Fla 54 
    Do   North Bend, Ohio 96 
    Do   Bainbridge, Ga 48 
 Miscoa   Yazoo City, Miss 330 
 Mobil Chemical Co   Beaumont, Tex 177 
 Monsanto Co   Luling, La 275 
    Do   ElDorado,Ark 350 
 Nipak, Inc   Kerens, Tex 51 
 Nitram, Inc   Tampa, Fla 182 
 Phillips Pacific Chemical Co   Kennewick, Wash 50 
 Phillips Petroleum Co   Beatrice, Nebr 68 
    Do   Etter Tex 168 
    Do   Pasadena, Tex 16 
 St. Paul Ammonia Products Co   Pine Bend, Minn 88 
 Shell Chemical Co   St. Helens, Oreg 22 
    Do   Ventura,Calif 24 
 Terra Chemicals International   Port Neal, Iowa 137 
 USS Agri-Chemicals, Inc   Cherokee, Ala 90 
    Do   Geneva,Utah 100 
    Do - Crystal City, Mo 92 
 Valley Nitrogen Producers, Inc - El Centro, Calif 41 
 Vistron Corp - Lima, Ohio 75 
 Wycon Chemical Co   Cheyenne, Wyo 75 
 Subtotal 7,532 
 Undesignated 380 
     Total 7,912 
  Source: Tennessee Valley Authority. 

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