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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Willard, David G.
Graphite,   pp. 589-595 ff. PDF (715.7 KB)

Page 594

try, was a primary cause of the supply shortage, and an increase in the demand
for high-purity graphite in electronic and other specialized uses added to
the imbalance. The large decline in output of low-grade material in the Republic
of Korea was less serious in nature. Rising production of metals increased
the demand for other grades, but supplies were adequate to meet the needs.
 BraziL—Graphite deposits were discovered near Niteroi in the vicinity
of Rio de J aneiro. 2 
 Malagasy Republic.—Riots brought about the fall of the Tsiranana Government
in May, and it was replaced by a military administration under General Ramanantsoa.
Amid conflicting political pressures the new government has maintained the
existing private enterprise system but has not clearly indicated its future
economic policies. The resulting uncertainty created apprehension about the
future supply of Malagasy graphite, but at yearend appeared to have had little
adverse effect on production.~ 
 Riots closed the port of Tamatave, outlet for all of the country's graphite
exports, during part of the month of December. Potential further disturbances
caused ocean shipping companies to avoid Tamatave for a period thereafter,
following which ships would dock at the port only on payment 
of a 20% surcharge. As a result, graphite shipments were greatly delayed.4
 Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).—Adjustment problems resulting from takeover
of the graphite mines by the State Graphite Corporation caused production
to drop in 1972. However, a renewed interest in prospecting was shown by
the increased activity of the Geological Survey. Geophysical investigations
and drilling were carried out near Bogala, the country's largest graphite
mine, and at two other locations in the southwestern part of the island.5
 The export duty on graphite, which had been raised to 50% in 1970, was reduced
back to 25% in January 1972. However, no comparable reduction in prices occurred.6
 Yugoslavia.—A deposit estimated to contain 11 million short tons of
high-grade graphite ore was discovered near Razanj in Serbia. Plans were
announced to begin exploiting the deposit in 1973.7 
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Oct. 17, 1972, pp. 9—13; and conversations with members of the U.S.
graphite industry. 
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Table 6.—Graphite: World production by country 
(SlIort tons) 
Country' 1970 1971 1972 P 
Argentina 84 162 ' 165Austria 30,570 23,581 20,701Brazil e2,800 3,057 3,458Burma
86 168 239 
China, People's Republic of e 33,000 33,000 33,000Germany, West 18,084 213,986
e14,000Italy 2,302 701 852Japan 1,615 1,162 940Korea,North' 83,000 83,000
83,000Korea,Republicof 65,621 79,934 44,939MalagasyRepublic 21,903 22,074
e20,012Mexico 61,341 56,125 60,748Norway 11,447 9,172 ' 9,000Romania 6,635
' 6,600 ' 6,600Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) ' 10,788 7,921 7,871SouthAfrica,
Republic of 771 1,262 934U.S.S.R.' 83,000 88,000 88,000UnitedStates W W W
Total ' 433,047 ' 429,905 394,459 
 Estimate. '  Preliminary. r Revised. W Withheld to avoid disclosing individual
company confidential data. 
 ' In addition to countries listed, Czechoslovakia, India, Southern Rhodesia,
and the Territory of South-West Africa produce graphite, but available information
is inadequate to make reliable estimates of output levels. 
 2 In part produced from imported crude graphite. 
 2 Exports. 

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