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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Klingman, Charles L.
Bromine,   pp. 223-226 PDF (317.6 KB)

Page 225

 Prices quoted at yearend for bromine keting Reporter were as follows: 
and bromine compounds in Chemical -Mar- 
Cents per pound 
 BROMINE 225 The mechanism by which brominated erate was explained clearly
in a recent arflame retardants and fire extinguishers op- tide by Walter
M. Haessler of Florida 
Bromine, purified: 
Cases, carlots, truckloads, delivered east of Rocky Mountains___________________
 Zonel:' - 
Returnable drums, carlots, truckloads, delivered  Bulk tank car, tanktrucks
(45,000-pound minimum), delivered 
Ammonium bromide, national formulary (N.F.), granular drums, carlots, truckload,
freight equalized 
Bromochloromethane, drums, carlots, freight equalized 
 Tanks,samebasis                                                Ethyl bromide,
technical, 98% drums, carlots, freight allowed, East                Ethylene
dibromide, drums, carlots, freight equalized                           
Tanks, freight equalized  
Methyl bromide, distilled, tanks, 140,000-pound minimum, freight allowed
Potassium bromate, granular, powdered, 200-pound drums, carlots, freight
Potassium bromide, N.F., granular, drums, carlots                       
Sodium bromide, N.F., granular, 400-pound drums, freight equalized      
 1 Delivered prices for drums and bulk shipped west of Rockies, 1 cent per
pound higher. Bulk tanktruck prices 1 cent per pound higher for 30,000-pound
minimum and 2 cents per pound higher for 15,000-pound minimum. Price f.o.b.
Midland and Ludington, Mich, freight equalized, 1 cent per pound lower. 
The average unit price of bromine made lower than the 1971 price. by manufacturers
:in 1972 was about 5% 
 Exports of bromine and bromine compounds from the United States were not
separately tabulated. Scattered reports in the press indicated that bromine
exports increased in 1972, but few quantitative data were given. 
 There was only slight incentive to im 
port any bromine or bromine compounds into the United States in competition
with the vast domestic supply and competitive price situation. The actual
import figures for 1972 consisted mostly of potassium bromide -from France
and the United Kingdom. Its total valuation was under $14,000. 
 The United States produced and consumed three-fourths of the world production
of bromine in 1972. 
 Israel.—Israel has an enormous resource of bromine estimated at 1
billion tons, in the brine of the Dead Sea. This is a virtually inexhaustible
supply when compared to the 1972 production of 30 million pounds of bromine.
About one-third of this bromine was converted into compounds within the country,
and over onehalf of it was expor-ted as elemental bromine to European countries.
Elemental bromine was exported in lead-lined steel tanks that held 3.5 tons
of bromine each. 
 Italy.—The bromine industry of Italy 
was reported to be producing about 6 million pounds of bromine per year.
A bromine plant of Margheri-ta di Savoia Apuha, enlarged its production capacity.
This plant extracted bromine from local sahtbeds. 
 Japan.—Japan obtained more than 95% of its bromine from sea water
and was reported to have produced about 27 million pounds in 1972. One company,
Toyo Soda, produced more than 90% of the bromine in Japan and it recently
increased its production capacity by 6.6 million pounds per year. Bromine
exports from Japan were small, and total imports, mostly from the United
States and from Israel were less than 5% of -the Japanese consumption. 

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