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Proceedings of the 19th North American Prairie Conference : the conservation legacy lives on...University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 8-12, 2004


Egan, Dave; Harrington, John A., Editor
Proceedings of the 19th North American Prairie Conference : the conservation legacy lives on...University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 8-12, 2004
(Proceedings of the ... North American Prairie Conference, No. 19)
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2004

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[Cover] Proceedings of the 19th North American Prairie Conference: the conservation legacy lives on...University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 8-12, 2004

[Title page] Proceedings of the 19th North American Prairie Conference, pp. i-ii

Table of contents, pp. iii-vi

The conservation legacy lives on, Harrington, John A. pp. vii-viii

Part I: Prairie flora and floristic studies

A floristic quality assessment system for the coastal prairie of Louisiana, Allain, Larry, et al. pp. 1-18

Flora of the Anacoco Prairie on Fort Polk, Louisiana , Allen, Charles, et al. pp. 19-22

The prairie-wetland vegetation continuum in the Chicago region of northeastern Illinois, Bowles, Marlin; Jones, Michael pp. 23-35

A comparison of Illinois remnant prairies, 1976 to 1988, Corbett, Erica A. pp. 36-43

The seed bank of a reconstructed prairie , Rosburg, Thomas R.; Owens, Meredith pp. 44-54

Growth and reproduction of local ecotype and cultivated varieties of Panicum virgatum and Coreopsis palmata grown in common gardens, Williams, D. W.; Houseal, G. A; Smith, D. D. pp. 55-60

Part II: Prairie wildlife and animal studies, pp. [61]-[62]

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus zimmermann) browsing effects on quality of tallgrass prairie community forbs, Anderson Roger C., et al. pp. 63-69

Grassland bird use of CRP fields that differ by age-class and cover type, Bakker, Kristel K., et al. pp. 70-75

Impacts of agricultural tillage on grassland birds in western South Dakota, DeJong, Julie R., et al. pp. 76-80

Ant-mound effects on two adjacent prairies: virgin and plowed, Foster, Johanna pp. 81-85

Response of grassland birds to fire on a Wisconsin sand prairie over an 18-year period, Geller, Greg; Sample, David; Henderson, Rich pp. 86-94

Beyond ecology: bugs reveal the deep roots of grassland ecoregions , Hamilton, K. G. A. pp. 95-100

Influence of matrix elements on prairie-inhabiting Curculionidae, Tenebrionidae, and Scarabaeidae, Hatten, Timothy D., et al. pp. 101-108

Could the area-sensitivity of some grassland birds be affected by landcsape composition?, Horn, David Joseph; Koford, Rolf R. pp. 109-116

Potential habitat factors influencing carrion beetles communities of Palouse prairie remnants, Looney, Chris, et al. pp. 117-121

Adapting a floral biogeography model to prairie-dependent Lepidoptera, Metzler, Eric H., et al. pp. 122-132

Freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the Cajun Prairie ecosystem in Southwestern Louisiana, Vidrine, Malcolm F., et al. pp. 133-136

Part III: Conservation and preservation, pp. [137] ff.

Prairie fen preserved in an urban environment , Bassett, Tyler pp. 139-148

Conservation efforts and natural history of a prairie habitat at Jennings Environmental Education Center, Pennsylvania , Borsari, Bruno, et al. pp. 149-157

Large-scale restoration of the Rice Lake Plains: a landscape conservation approach, Farrell, Todd; Riley, John L.; McLaughlin Lisa M. pp. 158-162

Protecting pioneer cemetery prairies: balancing the need to preserve cultural and natural heritage values, Moorehouse, Angella K.; Hassen, Harold pp. 163-167 ff.

Part IV: Restoration and management, pp. [169] ff.

Will tillage and plant growth regulator pretreatments enhance herbicide effects on reed canarygrass, Annen, Craig A. pp. 171-177

Oak savanna restoration: a case study , Brock, Thomas D; Brock, Katherine M. pp. 178-183

Ecological restoration as a strategic framework for invasive species management planning: the University of Wisconsin expierence , Glass, Steve pp. 184-187

Using cattle to reduce oak savanna understory shrub abundance: stocking rates and weight gains , Hedtcke, Janet L.; Posner, Joshua L.; Rosemeyer, Martha pp. 188-191

Soil chemistry properties under two different management practices: clipped Saint Augustine grass lawn and annually burned Cajun Prairie , Jariel, Domingo M., et al pp. 192-199

Ecological restoration-based education transforms schoolgrounds and education, McCann, Libby; Miller, Todd pp. 200-204

Grazing intensity effects on vegetation, livestock, and non-game birds in North Dakota mixed-grass prairie, Salo, Eric D., et al. pp. 205-215

Temporal effects of grazing regimes on non-game birds in North Dakota grasslands , Salo, Eric D., et al. pp. 216-224

Contour strips for prairie invasion on a topsoil-depleted Hilltop at Retzer Nature Center , Schwarzmeier, J. A. pp. 225-229

Spatial patterns of canopy and sub-canopy in managed and unmanaged oak savanna , Wolf, Joy J. pp. 230-237 ff.

Closing plenary session , pp. [239] ff.

Dwelling on common ground: scientific and family narratives of change in natural landscapes, Vraniak, Damian pp. 241-256

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations, pp. [257] ff.

Abstracts for other oral presentations , pp. 259-284

Abstracts for poster presentations, pp. 285-292 ff.


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