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Minerals yearbook metals, minerals, and fuels 1973


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook metals, minerals, and fuels 1973
Year 1973, Volume 1
Washington: U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1973

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[Title page] Minerals yearbook 1973, pp. [i]-[ii]

Foreword, Falkie, Thomas V. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Review of the mineral industries, Sullivan, Daniel E.; Theofilos, Nicholas G. pp. 1-63 ff.

Mining and quarrying trends in the metal and nonmetal industries, Morning, John L. pp. 65-86

Statistical summary, pp. 87-124

Abrasive materials, Clarke, Robert G. pp. 125-136

Aluminum, Stamper, John W. pp. 137-159 ff.

Antimony, Wyche, Charlie pp. 161-169 ff.

Asbestos, Clifton, Robert A. pp. 171-179 ff.

Barite, Fulkerson, Frank B. pp. 181-187 ff.

Bauxite, Kurtz, Horace F. pp. 189-204

Beryllium, Chin, E. pp. 205-209 ff.

Bismuth, Rathjen, John A. pp. 211-215 ff.

Boron, Wang, K. P. pp. 217-221 ff.

Bromine, Klingman, Charles L. pp. 223-226

Cadmium, Hague, J. M. pp. 227-234

Calcium and calcium compounds, Reed, Avery H. pp. 235-237 ff.

Carbon black, Albright, John L. pp. 239-250

Cement, Ela, Robert E. pp. 251-275 ff.

Chromium, Morning, John L. pp. 277-286

Clays, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 287-315 ff.

Coal: bituminous and lignite, Westerstrom, L. pp. 317-376

Coal: Pennsylvania anthracite, Federoff, Dorothy R. pp. 377-402

Cobalt, Corrick, John D. pp. 403-411 ff.

Coke and coal chemicals, Sheridan, Eugene T. pp. 413-445 ff.

Columbium and tantalum, Sutton, Joseph A. pp. 447-458

Copper, Schroeder, Harold J. pp. 459-498

Diatomite, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 499-501 ff.

Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, Wells, J. Robert pp. 503-510

Ferroalloys, Matthews, Norman A. pp. 511-521 ff.

Fluorspar, Wood, H. B. pp. 523-540

Gallium, Chin, E. pp. 541-545 ff.

Gem stones, Clarke, Robert G. pp. 547-556

Gold, West, J. M. pp. 557-581 ff.

Graphite, Willard, David G. pp. 583-591 ff.

Gypsum, Reed, Avery H. pp. 593-599 ff.

Helium, Koelling, Gordon W. pp. 601-607 ff.

Iron ore, Klinger, F. L. pp. 609-632

Iron and steel, Reno, Horace T. pp. 633-657 ff.

Iron and steel scrap, Desy, D. H. pp. 659-671 ff.

Iron oxide pigments, Stipp, Henry E. pp. 673-678

Kyanite and related materials, Wells, J. Robert pp. 679-684

Lead, Ryan, J. Patrick pp. 685-713 ff.

Lime, Reed, Avery H. pp. 715-724

Magnesium, Chin, E. pp. 725-733 ff.

Magnesium compounds, Chin, E. pp. 735-743 ff.

Manganese, DeHuff, Gilbert L. pp. 745-756

Mercury, Cammarota, V. Anthony, Jr. pp. 757-767 ff.

Mica, Petkof, Benjamin pp. 769-777 ff.

Molybdenum, Kuklis, Andrew pp. 779-793 ff.

Natural gas, Harper, William B.; Jaske, Robert J.; Fanelli, Leonard L. pp. 795-836

Natural gas liquids, Carleton, David A.; Fanelli, Leonard L. pp. 837-859 ff.

Nickel, Corrick, John D. pp. 861-875 ff.

Nitrogen, Keyes, William F. pp. 877-887 ff.

Peat, Sheridan, Eugene T.; Mickelsen, Donald P. pp. 889-897 ff.

Perlite, Meisinger, Arthur C. pp. 899-901 ff.

Crude petroleum and petroleum products, Carleton, David A., et al. pp. 903-1018

Phosphate rock, Stowasser, W.F. pp. 1019-1035 ff.

Platinum-group metals, Butterman, W.C. pp. 1037-1049 ff.

Potash, Keyes, William F. pp. 1051-1062

Pumice and volcanic cinder, Meisinger, Arthur C. pp. 1063-1067 ff.

Rare-earth minerals and metals, Jolly, James H. pp. 1069-1077 ff.

Rhenium, Alverson, Larry J. pp. 1079-1084

Salt, Klingman, Charles L. pp. 1085-1095 ff.

Sand and gravel, Pajalich, Walter pp. 1097-1115 ff.

Silicon, Shekarchi, E. pp. 1117-1121 ff.

Silver, Welch, J. R. pp. 1123-1138

Slag--iron and steel, Drake, Harold J. pp. 1139-1143 ff.

Sodium and sodium compounds, Klingman, Charles L. pp. 1145-1151 ff.

Stone, Drake, Harold J. pp. 1153-1171 ff.

Sulfur and pyrites, Merwin, Roland W.; Keyes, William F. pp. 1173-1191 ff.

Talc, soapstone and pyrophyllite, Wells, J. Robert pp. 1193-1201 ff.

Thorium, Sondermayer, Roman V. pp. 1203-1211 ff.

Tin, Harris, Keith L. pp. 1213-1230

Titanium, Wessel, F. W. pp. 1231-1243 ff.

Tungsten, Stevens, Richard F., Jr. pp. 1245-1261 ff.

Uranium, Woodmansee, Walter C. pp. 1263-1287 ff.

Vanadium, Taylor, Harold A., Jr. pp. 1289-1297 ff.

Vermiculite, Fulkerson, Frank B. pp. 1299-1302

Zinc, McMahon, Albert D.; Hague, John M.; Babitzke, Herbert R. pp. 1303-1343 ff.

Zirconium and hafnium, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 1345-1358

Minor metals, pp. 1359-1371 ff.

Minor nonmetals, pp. 1373-1383 ff.

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