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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

Central Texas bee-keepers' convention,   pp. [85]-98 PDF (3.4 MB)

Page [85]

Pulfishd MNth~ly  Devoted to the Exchange of Thoughts on Aplculture.  - an Yrly
No. 4.
Sixth Annual Meeting of the Ce
tion, Held   at Hutto, V
The convention was called    to
order by Pres. E. I. Jones, at 1I
A. I., July 12, with Sec. & Treas.,
Louis Seholl, at the desk.
Openled with prayer, bY Rev. L.
L. Lusk, of Iitto.
ir. A. W. Carpenter delivered
an address of wehloine in behalf of
the citizens of Hutto, to which
.Jidge E. Y. Terral responded.
Secretary Scholl read the mii-
utes of Iast mIeeting, -whicl were
After calling tie roll, new meni-
bers were enrolled and u(fies col-
Before adjoiurIing for dii ner
Judge E. '. Terral made a motion
to change the clause ill the Con-
stititioll which entitles anl officer
to hold ottice only one year at a
time and not to suceced himself
for that one office.
Motion Withdrawn till afternoonl.
SecretarV was instructed to Iloti-
fy all the nenimbers not present, inl
itral Texas Bee-Keepers' Assoein-
Williamson County, Texas,
a nu4  1 3th,  1900.
the ilorniig-, about their unipilid
(I Ies.
Another motion was made by
Jtidge Terral, that ladies (men-
hers) he exempt frmn dules. Car-
ried without opposition.
Adjourned. for dinner, until 2
P. M.
Pres. Jones nlot being- present,
Vice Pres. I. 1.. salyern opened the
Imeetinig. New iiembers were tak-
en up and tie dles collected which
were unplaild.
Next it was moved and varried
to pay for printed hladges. Paid
by secretary.
Ir. Terr-als motion was amgain
takeni ump and carried-tlat t le
secretaly holding office may he re-
elected ald succeed himself as
maniy timies and years as tie as-
sociationi is satistied with him.
Secretary advised to copy by-
laws of the association into secre-
tary's book.
Vol. V-I.

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