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Leahy, R. B.; Doolittle, G. M., 1846-1918 (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. VII, No. 8 (August 1, 1897)

Letter box,   p. 215

Page 215

L e  ox                     WANTED,
From 100 to 1,000 Extracting
Combs, L size. Address WV, Cart-
wright, Steamboat Rock, Iowa, stating price.
From Our Absent Editor.          W. CARTWRICHT,
8-2it     Steamboat Rock, Iowa.
Mr. Ltahy writes as follows from
Baiting Hollow, Suffolk county, N. Y.:
W. W. MITCHELL, tiiggiliSville, Mo.:
DEAR FRIEND.-I have been here one week,
and it is just lovely. I wish you were here; I
know you would enjoy it so much. We go in
bathing every day in the sea, and it refreshes
one very much. I walk about four miles
every morning. There are a good many poo-
pie here from New York and Brooklyn. With
jolly bathing parties, the cool sea breeze, and
shady grove, it is really Paradise or earth;
and my old friends are so glad to see me, and
treat me so nicely, I feel quite at home.
The old house by the sea-shore, where I was
raised, has tumbled down, after doing service
(so I am told) for more than 200 years; but the
little spring by the rock still sends forth its
cool, sparkling waters, and one can imagine
that in the merry ripple he hears an invita-
tion to call again. Man builds, and worms
and rust devour. Ills remains return to
dust from which lie came; but the work of
God is eternal.
I visited the old church yesterday, and re-
mained to Sunday School. This is where I
attended Sunday School thirty years ago, and
when it was whispered around that I was
there, I soon had an invitation to address the
Sunday School children. While I am  not ma
good speaker in public, I do not remember a
time when I lad such enthusiasi for the oc-
casion. or felt so happy. I felt like a boy
A few days more and this dreaim will be
over, and I will be on my way home. lopiig
you are I all well, I am,  Yours truly,
1. B. LEAHY.
TKRUSE                    -
H         ROSS
E         LEVIS
IIii, Clevis being ardjustaible fits any plow.
Only one kind to keep in stock. Ask your
dealers for them.
Address.            Mention this paper.
Pint Mason jars, per f gross. .$2.75
",   ".   "  per gross.... 5.25
Quart Mason jars, per i gross. 3 00
",     "    " per gross.. 5.50
Leahy Mfg. Co., Higginsville, Mo.
The Progressive Bee=Keeper.
A journal devoted to Bees, Honey and Kin
died Industries.
TERMS: Fifty cents per year, in advance.
R. B. LEAH-Y,               Editors
G. M. DOOLITTLE,    - - -
A good honey year.
August-hot, sultry and scorching.
Be cautious about selling your honey
lo unknown commission men.
Be sure and read what J. W. Rouse
has to say (page 211) about marketing
honey. Good advice.
Friends, let us hear from you con-
cerning your experiments and experi-
coes of the past season, your plans
and projects for the coming one.
+ ++
Somnambulist wants to know what a
fellow's to do to get a wife. Well,
Sommy, you might set the initiative by
letting the girls know whether you are
a widower or bachelor, or what.
Mr. R. B. Leaby is away in the far
east, on a visit to the home of his
childhood, after an absence of many

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