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Leahy, R. B.; Doolittle, G. M., 1846-1918 (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. VII, No. 8 (August 1, 1897)

[Masthead] The progressive bee-keeper, vol. VII, no. 8,   p. [205]

Page [205]

-a*A Journal Devoted to Bees, Honey, and 1Cindred Industries-&--.
50 Cents a Year.
VOL. VII.        HIGGINSVILLE, MO., AUGUST 1, 1897.      NO. 8.
Some time within the years to be,
Our eyes will read the hidden scroll
God keepeth now, and we shall see
Why grief so often thrilled the soul.
Why sorrow flooded every hope,
And weighted us with woe sublime.
For though in blindness now we grope,
We'll understand-some time, some time.
Some time we'll know why loving eyes
So early closed to earthly day;
And why the blue, cerulean skies
Were veiled in clouds of sombre gray.
Why pined so soon the lovely rose,
That sunk its head at early morn;
And why the mournful sudden close
Almost as soon as life was born.
Why God should take the baby dear,
From those who loved it all too well,
Was it not cherished fondly here?
Why was it? Mourner, none can tell.
The loving friend who made our life
So sweet a thing-God took him-why
And kindred, parent, husband, wife,
And loved ones, each and all must die
We do not understand-but when
The veil is lifted, we shall know;
We'll read with perfect vision, then,
The meaning of our earthly woe.
And we shall see how all was best
And right in God's appointed way,
When in the Paradise of rest.
We learn the lesson of today.
We have not very long to wait,
To sorrow and to suffer here,
The seeming puppets of a fate
Relentless-crowned with pall and bier
But patience, weary, hopeless heart,
Life has its joys as well as woes;
And though the tears full often start,
Sometimes the glad heart overflows.
Some time, some time-not now. but when
In God's appointed time, we know,
We'll wonder at our blindness then,
When we were chastened here below.
While to our ears a music sweet
Shall float, like mellow vesper chime,
As with our "lost" again we meet,
To part no more-some time, some time.
'Thus work thou well, and work thou ever,
The lessons we teach thee, thou may'st not
Be busy, be cheery, be loyal; for these
Are the truths thou may'st learn from the
UGUST, the portal of the api-
cultural year. What prepa-
rations are most needed for the com-
ing year?
This can be answered by those alone
who are in close affiliation with their
bees. Those who know their every
want. Association means much to the
bee-keeper, just on the principle that
it carries great weight in all business.
If we cultivate a close acquaintance
with our pets, we realize their condi-
tion, said realization prompts us to aid
them in all their struggles, with a final
result largely in favor of their keeper.
With the superior advantages this sea-
son has furnished, no unprofitable col-
ony needs other consideration than the
beheading of the present queen, to be
supplanted by blood that tells. What
more favorable time for this work,
with us, than from the 15th to 20th of
this month?
If there's but little to do in this line,
what about the honey house work?
Everything in ship shape? Repairing
of hives all up to date? Wax all ex-
tracted? No painting needed? The
front door-yard of each colony secure
from intrusion by the onward march of
the weeds? Plenty of supers for fall
Then you may loll in the hammock,
and read in some of the many bee jour-

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