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Leahy, R. B. (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. XI [XIII], No. 11 (Nov., 1903)

[Masthead] The progressive bee-keeper, vol. XI [XIII], no. 11,   p. [293]

Page [293]

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Table of Contents.
Good Things in the Hoo-Keeping
Selling  Honey  --.  ~- ...297  6
Mly Experience with Bulk (Comb
H 1  oney  .. . .. ..   _ -.. .. 29
0  A Story of Brotherhood  ......  ..  W00
Editorial         .--.  .  .... 30!
My Wood Nym ph.   ......   307
Lots of comnfort to be found in W. Z's
eflection in Review: "Micigan seems
douibly desirable as a home since tak-
inl my western trip" also in Ed York's
ponclusion, as follows: "On the whole
tAking into account ties Of friendship
and old associates, as well as trouble
and expense of making a change, the
probability is that not one bee-keeper
i n ten will find hhims ,lf better off any-
where in the world than right where
he is now."
In commenting on the newly elected
officers of the National Editor of the
American Bee-Keeper has to say.
"Some one predicted several years
ago that the "Great West" was to be-
come the producer of the bulk of
America's honey crops. If the pace
with which the National officiary is
moving in that direction is any index
of nectar-producing conditions, the pro-
phecy is bing more speedily fulfilled
than even the prognosticator anticipat-
ed. However, it is gratifying to note
that the management of the National's
affairs is passing exclusively into the
hands of active producers of honey.
Bee-keepers themselves, prehapsknow
bettor than any one else what they
want. A thorough knowledge of par-
liamentary law is by no means the
chief essential in meeting the present
demands of the industry, and it is a
gratifying sign of the times to see the
responsibilities of our associations
passing into the hands of the man with
the smoker-the man whose personal
experiences havedeeply impressed him
with the importance of action upon ur-
gent and practical questions, as well
as familiarized him with the details
and intricacies in voled in surmount-
Progressive Bee-Keeper.
A Journal Devoted to Bees, Honey, and Kindred Industries.
A50 Cents per Year.
Published Monthly by Leahy Man ufacturing Company.
Vol. XI.    IIGGINSV1LLE, MO., NOV., 1903. NO. I

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