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Leahy, R. B. (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. XI [XIII], No. 12 (Dec., 1903)

[Masthead] The progressive bee-keeper, vol. XI [XIII], no. 12,   p. [321]

Page [321]

Table of Contents.
+ Notes from i Ihe star A piary.  31
Making Progress along the Bee
Line  ..  .  .  .....  . ..  323
Good Things in the Bee-Keep  4
i g press _  . ..  ... .. ...  324
* lhtt Covers for Bee Hives   327
.Modern Queen Rearing      328
Editoial  .                 330
Counting the Cost..  .. .  334
'The Rev. Irl Hick's Almnacil  T34
11y Wood Nymph.            335
S****** #***    ***.++ ++++++*
The   report of the  expel riiental
apiarv of the Texas A. and M. College,
on page 267 October Progressive, is
interesting and instructive. I consid-
or the experiments on bottling honey
of interest, to every bee keeper who is
following the bottling for a living. for
although he may not have occasion to
bottle his honey at the present timne.
he may at some future time find it to
his advantage to do so, and it is there-
fore well for him to know to what de-
gree of heat it may be subjected with-
oat impairing the flavor.
The experiments on rendering wax
from combs, etc., of various ages while
imcomplete, are nevertheless interest-
ing. It is somewhat surprising that
only 80 per cent of the wax could be
ext-acted from five-year-old combs by
the steam press, when by the same
method as much as 76 5 per cent was
secured from slum-gum. which con-.
tained only 24 per cent of wax to begin
with. While the ive-year-old comb
contained 36.3 per cent the experiments
with covers of various designs would
seem to indicate that there is practical-
ly no difference in tne degrees of heat
over the excelsior with shade board of
near ly folr d(egrees
I cannot agree, h owever, with the
comments of the author that a. shade
board is better than a specialty de-
vised cover. While they may give
slightly more protection they are cei-.
tainly an abomination and a nuisance. I
have had practically no experience
wii h shade boaids and am not anxious
to gain any. A shape board that will
Progressive Bee-Keeper.
A Journal Devoted to Bees, Honey, and Kindred Industries.
50 Cents per Year.
Published Monthly by Leahy Manufacturing Company.
' ol. XI.   HIGGINSYILLE, MO., DEC., 1903. NO. 12.

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