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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

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Page 105

1900.           THES0U'I'IIL1~Ni)_Q[IEEN.              105
peaches, not only a few, but by
the bushel. Bro. Faust treated us
to mielons fromii his own farmi, and,
all inl all, we were well and kindly
treated. More of this will be writ-
ten soon, along with a report of
the Imieeting.
Misleading Advice.
A few days ago I saw a few
itelns in a local paper on the sub
ject of bee-keeping. O(e of tle
iteis stated that a frame inserted
in the center of the brood nest
would be quickly tilled with brood.
It gave no particulars as to season
or strength of the colony, etc.
Such advice is very misleading
and is liable to cause mhel trouble
to  beginners.  Spreading   the
brood-nest requires as munch judge-
inent as anythingIo pertaining to
bee-keeping. After several years'
experience I made a mistake in
iny apiary one season which caused
a loss. My advice is to get lots of
knowledge of bees and the seasons
before spreading the brood-nest.
It is seldoi that those giving
their experience in bee-keeping
write of their mistakes or failures.
Unsuccessful experiments are not
pleasant and are often (ostly to
the experimenter, but would be of
valne to the beginner even if comil-
plete failures, as they would warn
theii that certailn mi1odes of prae-
tice are liable to result in failure.
Waverly, N. Y.  .1. It. ANDRE.
Has removed his apiary and en-
tire queen-rearing outfit to Round Rock,
Texas, where he will be better prepared
to supply his customers with inore and
better queens than ever before.
The Laws' Strain of Golden Italians
are still in the lead. Breeding Queen.,
each, $2.50. I am also breeding the
leather-colored, from imported mothers.
Price, tested queens, either strain, $ i.oo
each, or 6 for $5.oo. Untested, 75 cts.
each, or 6 for $4.oo.  Address,
W. H. Laws,
6 -     Ifs Round Rock, Texas.
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ness from A to Z including the
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'4   Please inention "The Queen.",

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