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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook area reports: domestic 1972
Year 1972, Volume 2 (1972)

Contents,   pp. vii-viii PDF (103.9 KB)

Page vii

Foreword, by Thomas V. Falkie in 
Acknowledgments, by Albert E. Schreck V 
Statistical summary, by Staff, Office of Technical Data Services 1 
The mineral industry of— 
   Alabama, by H. L. Riley and W. Everett Smith .. 41 
   Alaska, by William B. Harper and Donald C. Hartman 55 
   Arizona, by Lyman Moore 71 
   Arkansas, by Grace N. Broderick 97 
 California, by Walter C. Woodmansee  ill 
 Colorado, by Andrew Kuklis  145 
 Connecticut, by Robert A. Clifton  173 
 Delaware, by Robert T. MacMillan  177 
 Florida, by William F. Stowasser and Woodson R. Oglesby  181 
 Georgia, by J. Robert Wells and Sam M. Pickering, Jr.  195 
 Hawaii, by Avery H. Reed  211 
 Idaho, by William C. Butterinan  215 
 Illinois, by Grace N. Broderick — 225 
 Indiana, by Brinton C. Brown  245 
 Iowa, by Brinton C. Brown  269 
 Kansas, by Bernadette Michalski and Lawrence L. Brady  285 
 Kentucky, by H. L. Riley and Preston McGrain  301 
 Louisiana, by David A. Carleton  315 
 Maine, by Frank B. Fulkerson  335 
 Maryland, by charles L. Klingman ......1..  341 
 Massachusetts, by Robert A. Clifton 349 
 Michigan, by Grace N. Broderick 355 
 Minnesota, by Harold J. Polta 377 
 Mississippi, by C. L. Readling and Alvin R. Bicker, Jr. 395 
 Missouri, by J. Patrick Ryan and James A. Martin  407 
 Montana, by J. R. Welch  425 
 Nebraska, by Ted C. Briggs and Raymond R. Burchett  439 
 Nevada, by V. Anthony Cammarota, Jr.  449 
 New Hampshire, by Avery H. Reed  461 
 New Jersey, by Donald C. Wininger  465 
 New Mexico, by Roman V. Sondermayer  473 
 New York, by E. Chin  495 
 North Carolina, by Roland W. Merwin and Stephen G. Conrad   509 
 North Dakota, by Joseph B. Huvos  523 
 Ohio, by Joseph A. Sutton  533 
 Oklahoma, by L. G. Southard, K. S. Johnson, and J. F. Roberts  549 
 Oregon, by John D. Corrick  565 
 Pennsylvania, by Franklin D. Cooper  577 
 Puerto Rico, Panama Canal Zone, Virgin Islands, Pacific Island Posses 
  sions, and Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, by J. M. West and 
  Sarkis G. Ampian  629 

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