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Crandon Mining Company / The Crandon Project: summary update, mine plan and Environmental Impact Report

Protecting surface waters,   p. 10

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The Crandon mine's sophisticated water treatment plant and a
comprehensive water management system will protect
all lakes and streams in the project area.
The Crandon mine will discharge treated water
through a 38-mile buried pipeline to the Wisconsin
River at the Hat Rapids Dam, south of Rhinelander.
All water discharged will meet strict standards
set by the Wisconsin Department of Natural
Resources to protect water quality, fish and
wildlife in the river. CMC studies show that the
treated water will be consistently better than
DNR standards.
The treatment plant will be built according to
plans approved by the DNR and will use a
lime/sulfide treatment process that has been
tested to prove that it is effective. The plant will
be staffed by state-certified operators w'
thorough knowled e o mo ern industrial water
treatment systems.
The treatment plant will process both
groundwater that seeps into the mine and sur-
face runoff water from production and storage
areas. After treatment, the water will be held in
storage basins, where it will be tested. If at any
time the water does not meet DNR standards, it
will be recycled and re-treated. Water will be
discharged to the Wisconsin River at about 570
g~jonsper minute, les
of thevaR
measured at times of low water. This discharge
will have no a       ffects on the nv
Throughout its life, the mine and mill will
recycle and reuse water extensively to keep dis-
charges as low as possible. During mine con-
struction, runoff basins and erosion controls
will keep soil and sediment out of local lakes
and streams.
Expected route for water pipeline from Crandon mine to Wisconsin River
Q              Monico
fHwy 17         -    ------
.011Hwy 8
Hwy 45/47
Hwy 55
Mine Site
The mine's buried water pipeline, which will be installed within highway rights-of-way already
disturbed by road work, will have mino, temporary effects on the environment.

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