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Leahy, R. B.; Doolittle, G. M., 1846-1918 (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. VII, No. 8 (August 1, 1897)


Do You Use Tobacco?
If You do, we know *on would like to quit the habit, and we want
to assist you, and will if yvou say the word. The use of Tobacco is in-
jurious to the nervous system, promotes heart troubles, affects the eye-
sight, injures the voice. and makes your presence obnoxious to those
clean and pure from such a filthy habit.
How Can we Help You?                    Why, by inducing you
to purchase a box of COLTI's TOiIACCO ANTIDOTE, which is a prepara-
tion compounded strictly of herbs and roots, which is a tonic to the
system: also a cure for the Tobacco Habit.
0   W  ould    You     Like to be Cured?              If so, call on
your ulruggist, or send us one dollar, ($1.00) and we will send you,
postpaid. by mail, a box of CoLLI's ToBAcco ANTIDOTE.
What we claim. This is not a discovery of an ignorant
Indian. or some long-haired cowboy claiming to have come into posses-
sion of some valuable remedy by being captured out west, but is a dis-
covery of twenty years' study by one of the most eminent physicians or
the east, who has made nervous diseases a study.
Throw away Tobacco and you will have no more
stomach Troubles, Indigestion, Heart Trouble, or Dyspepsia., Cigarette
Smoking is also cured by using two boxes of CoLLI's TOBACco ANTIDOTE.
Our Responsibility. We would not expect you to send
us your money uniless you were sure of our honesty and good intentions.
Hence, before entrusting money to us, we most respectfully refer you to
the Bank of Higginsville, Citizens' Bank. of Higginsville, or to the post-
ilmaster of this city, asto our responsibility, etc.
Smithville. Mo., May 20, 1895.
Colli Company, lliginsville. Mo.:  Dear Sirs-Please send me by mail postpaid. one dozen Colli's
Tobacco Antidote, for which finlrd enclosed cash in full payment of bill. The box I got from you 1
i ave been usinu g jus)t 0on week today. I have not craved tol rcco since the first day I used it, and
the desire has alimost entirely gone. I think I cai heartily recomomernd it and conscientiousl y sell it.
Very respectfully,        .T. Ml. AKER.
Otto, Kas., Feb. 4. 1896.
Colli Company, Hi g"insville, Mo.: Gentlemen-My pa used tobacco for 40 years, and
thought lie could not live without it. but lie accidentall 'y got a  box of your antidote, and
it has cured him. There is no agent here. and so Ina ny of our neighbors use tobacco. I thiik
I could sell tle intidote readily. I am  a little boy only 15 years old. low much wil I  get
for selling one box? I have been agent, for things before, and always had good luck. and I
know I Call in this. God bless the Antidote. I arm sure I can sell one dozen boxes and
right at hone.            Yours truly.        WILLIE .1. GOODWILL.
How to Send money. Money can be sent at our risk
bv registered letter, postoffice money order, or bank draft on some corn-
mercial center.  In no case send local checks. In most cases a dollar
can he sent in a letter without registering, but we would not be responsi -
ble for any loss thereby.
COLu Co., Higginsville, Mo.

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