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The prairie peninsula--in the "shadow" of Transeau : proceedings of the Sixth North American Prairie Conference, the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 12-17 August 1978


Stuckey, Ronald L.; Reese, Karen J., Editor
The prairie peninsula--in the "shadow" of Transeau : proceedings of the Sixth North American Prairie Conference, the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 12-17 August 1978
ISBN 0-86727-090-X
(Proceedings of the ... North American Prairie Conference, No. 6)
Columbus, Ohio: College of Biological Sciences, Ohio State University, 1981
x, 278 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

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[Front cover] The prairie peninsula -- in the "shadow" of Transeau: proceddings of the sixth North American Prairie Conference

[Title page] The prairie peninsula -- in the "shadow" of Transeau: proceedings of the sixth North American Prairie Conference, pp. [i]-ii

Preface, Stuckey, Ronald L. p. iii

Edgar Nelson Transeau, pp. iv-v

Contents, pp. vi-viii

Supplemental figures, p. ix

Acknowledgements, p. x

Reflections on Transeau the man, Thomas, Edward S. p. [1]

Peninsula or archipelago?, Sears, Paul B. pp. 2-3

Origin and development of the concept of the Prairie Peninsula, Stuckey, Ronald L. pp. 4-23

Contributors to the development of the Prairie Peninsula concept, Stuckey, Ronald L. pp. 24-36

Memories of E. Lucy Braun, Durrell, Lucile pp. 37-39

Some vertebrates of the Prairie Peninsula, Trautman, Milton B. pp. 40-42

The big barrens of Kentucky not a part of Transeau's Prairie Peninsula, Baskin, Jerry M.; Baskin, Carol C. pp. 43-48

The living prairie, Allen, Durward p. 48

Personal recollections fo the Ohio Natural Vegetation Survey, Gordon, Robert B. pp. 49-50

Geographical setting of Ohio prairies, Ramey, Ralph E. pp. 50-53

Geological setting of Ohio prairies, Forsyth, Jane L. pp. 54-56

The priaires of Adams County, Ohio: 50 years after the studies of E. Lucy Braun, Cusick, Allison W. pp. 56-59

[The vanishing prairies of Ohio], Transeau, Edgar Nelson pp. 60-62

Guide to Ohio prairie place names, Schneider, Constance; Stuckey, Ronald L. pp. 63-71

Guide to the literature of Ohio prairies: a selected bibliography, Stuckey, Ronald L.; Reese, Karen J. pp. 72-82

Reconstruction of Prairie Peninsula vegetation and its characteristics from descriptions before 1860, Williams, Donald L. pp. 83-86

Characterization of some southeastern barrens, with special reference to Tennessee, DeSelm, Hal pp. 86-88

Prairies on Kansan outwash deposits in northern Kentucky, Bryant, William S. pp. 88-91

Buffalo Beats, a prairie remnant in unglaciated southeastern Ohio, supports Transeau's Prairie Peninsula concept, Wistendahl, Warren A. pp. 92-93

Stark-Case Prairie, a significant remnant in northeastern Ohio, Hawes, Robert W.; Case, Freda pp. 93-97

Prairie remnants of Marion, Crawford, and Wyandot Counties in north-central Ohio, Troutman, K. Roger pp. 97-101

Soils of the prairies in western Ohio, Steiger, Joseph R. pp. 101-107

Prairies of the Darby Plains in west-central Ohio, King, Charles C. pp. 108-127

History of Bigelow (Chuckery) Cemetery State Natrue Preserve, a Pioneer Prairie cemetery in northern Madison County, Ohio, Overton, Julie M. pp. 127-128

Vascular plants of Bigelow (Chuckery) Cemetery State Nature Preserve in northern Madison County, Ohio, Carr, William R. pp. 128-130

Distribution of royal catchfily (Silene regia) with special reference to Ohio populations, King, Charles C. pp. 131-141

Prairie remnants along the Stillwater River in Miami County, Ohio, Huston, Scott L. pp. 142-146

Floristic notes on the Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve and Schwamberger Prairie Preserve in northwestern Ohio, Easterly, N. William pp. 146-147

Flora of Dayton Prairie, a remnant of Terre Coupee Prairie, in Michigan, Thompson, Paul W. pp. 148-150

Saving Michigan's railroad strip prairies, Kohring, Margaret A. pp. 150-151

A survey of prairie preservation and prairie reconstruction in Michigan, Chapman, Kim Alan; Pleznac, Robert J. pp. 151-155

Comparisons between a prairie grove in Illinois and southwestern Michigan, Fleckenstein, Michael pp. 155-156

A plant survey of the Gensburg-Markham Prairie, Cook County, Illinois, Hanson, Philip C. pp. 156-158

The presettlement vegetation of the plain of Glacial Lake Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, Hanson, Philip C. pp. 159-164

Prairie fens in northestern Illinois: floristic composition and disturbance, Moran, Robbin C. pp. 164-168

Classification of prairie communities in Illinois, White, John; Madany, Michael H. pp. 169-171

A survey of Illinois prairies, White, John pp. 172-173

An inventory of railroad prairies in Illinois, Bacone, John A.; Harty, Francis M. pp. 173-176

A floristic survey of savannas in Illinois, Madany, Michael H. pp. 177-181

A volunteer-supported effort to find and preserve prairie and savanna remnants in Illinois cemeteries, Kerr, Kathryn; White, John pp. 181-183

Flora of limestone glades in Illinois, Kurz, Donald R. pp. 183-186

A unique natural area in Dane County, Wisconsin, Martin, Mark A. pp. 187-189

The fine structure of a prairie pothole and pothole border, Glenn-Lewin, David C.; Crist, Alan M. pp. 190-192

The need for an ecosystem-wide tallgrass prairie classification system as a guide for prairie preservation, Humke, John W. p. 193

Prairie heritage appreciation program, a different preservation approach in Boone County, Illinois, Gustafson, Roger D. p. 194

Living with the natives, Lehr, Jim p. 195

Criteria for introduction of species to natural areas, Nuzzo, Victoria pp. 196-197

Prairie restoration in north-central Missouri, Vassar, J. Wayne; Henke, Gerald A.; Blakeley, Clarence pp. 197-199

Reestablishment of native grasses by the Corps of Engineers on project lands in the southwestern division area, Green, Harold E.; Sifuentes, Mark S.; Martin, Chester O. pp. 199-201

Warm-season grass establishment on mine spoil in Kentucky, Kuenstler, William F.; Henry, Donald S.; Sanders, Samuel A. pp. 202-205

A qualitative analysis technique for Wisconsin grasslands, Howell, Evelyn A. pp. 206-208

Grazing as a factor in the decline of Illinois hill prairies, Nyboer, Randy W. pp. 209-211

Allelopathic associations and their effect on native legumes, Peterson, Gary pp. 211-212

Seed viability and seedling vigor in selected prairie plants, Eddleman, Lee E.; Meinhardt, Patricia L. pp. 213-217

Native forb seed production, Dickerson, John A.; Longren, Warren G.; Hadle, Edith K. pp. 218-222

Seed conditioning and germination of New Jersey tea, Ceanothus americanus (Rhamnaceae), Schramm, Peter; Johnson, Ronald G. pp. 222-226

Germination studies and purity determinations for native Wisconsin prairie seeds, Halinar, Marlene pp. 227-231

Flowering patterns and production on a central Oklahoma grassland, Anderson, Roger C.; Adams, Dwight E. pp. 232-235

Intraspecific variation in flowering activity following a spring burn on a northwestern Minnesota prairie, Pemble, R. H.; Van Amburg, G. L.; Mattson, Lyle pp. 235-240

Response of arthropods to a spring burn of a tallgrass prairie in northwestern Minnesota, Van Amburg, G. L.; Swaby, James A.; Pemble, R. H. pp. 240-243

Interactions between the prairie garter snake (Thamnophis radix) and the common garter snake (T. sirtalis) in Killdeer Plains, Wyandot County, Ohio, Dalrymple, George H.; Reichenbach, Norman G. pp. 244-250

Significance of native prairie to greater prairie chicken (Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus) survival in Missouri, Christisen, Donald M. pp. 250-254

Cover use by radio-tagged Attwater's prairie chicken (Tympanuchus cupido attwateri) in gulf coastal prairie of Texas, Horkel, John K.; Cogar, Virginia F.; Silvy, Nova J. pp. 254-256

Threatened, endangered, and extirpated birds of Illinois prairies, Bowles, Marlin L., et al. pp. 257-260

Soil loss and the search for a permanent agriculture, Jackson, Wes pp. 260-261

Abstracts of papers not submitted, pp. 262-267

Program of the Conference

Memorabilia of the Conference, pp. 270-274

Abbreviations, pp. 275-277

Subject index, p. 278

Author index

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