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Minerals yearbook metals and minerals 1985


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook metals and minerals 1985
Year 1985, Volume 1
Washington: U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1985

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[Title page] Minerals yearbook 1985, pp. i-ii

Foreword, Horton, Robert C. pp. iii ff.

Acknowledgments, Schreck, Albert E. pp. v ff.

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Nonfuel minerals survey methods, pp. 1-5 ff.

Mining and quarrying trends in the metals and industrial minerals industries, Martin, Thomas W.; Edelstein, Daniel L.; Hyde, Garrett H. pp. 7-65 ff.

Statistical summary, Guerrino, Sarah P. pp. 67-94

Abrasive materials, pp. 95-108

Aluminum, McCawley, Frank X.; Stephenson, Pamela A. pp. 109-132

Antimony, Plunkert, Patricia A. pp. 133-141 ff.

Asbestos, Virta, Robert L. pp. 143-149 ff.

Barite, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 151-161 ff.

Bauxite and alumina, Baumgardner, Luke H.; Hough, Ruth A. pp. 163-175 ff.

Beryllium, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 177-181 ff.

Bismuth, Carlin, James F., Jr. pp. 183-186

Boron, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 187-194

Bromine, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 195-202

Cadmium, Plunkert, Patricia A. pp. 203-208

Calcium and calcium compounds, Pelham, Lawrence pp. 209-213 ff.

Cement, Johnson, Wilton pp. 215-240

Chromium, Papp, John F. pp. 241-257 ff.

Clays, Ampian, Sarkis G. pp. 259-294

Cobalt, Kirk, William S. pp. 295-304

Columbium and tantalum, Cunningham, Larry D. pp. 305-316

Copper, Jolly, J. L. W.; Edelstein, D. L. pp. 317-379 ff.

Diatomite, Meisinger, A. C. pp. 381-383 ff.

Feldspar, nepheline syenite, and aplite, Potter, Michael J. pp. 385-392

Ferroalloys, Brown, Raymond E. pp. 393-418

Fluorspar, Pelham, Lawrence pp. 419-428

Gallium, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 429-433 ff.

Gem stones, pp. 435-444

Gold, Lucas, J. M. pp. 445-480

Graphite, Taylor, Harold A., Jr. pp. 481-491 ff.

Gypsum, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 493-502

Helium, Leachman, William D. pp. 503-510

Iodine, Lyday, Phyllis A. pp. 511-516

Iron ore, Kuck, Peter H. pp. 517-540

Iron oxide pigments, Mickelsen, Donald P. pp. 541-551 ff.

Iron and steel, Schottman, Frederick J. pp. 553-571 ff.

Iron and steel scrap, Cooper, Franklin D. pp. 573-597 ff.

Kyanite and related materials, Potter, Michael J. pp. 599-602

Lead, Woodbury, William D. pp. 603-633 ff.

Lime, Pelham, Lawrence pp. 635-644

Lithium, Searls, James P. pp. 645-651 ff.

Magnesium, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 653-660

Magnesium compounds, Kramer, Deborah A. pp. 661-667 ff.

Manganese, Jones, Thomas S. pp. 669-682

Mercury, Carrico, Linda C. pp. 683-689 ff.

Mica, Davis, Lawrence L. pp. 691-699 ff.

Molybdenum, Blossom, John W. pp. 701-708

Nickel, Chamberlain, Peter G. pp. 709-724

Nitrogen, Davis, Charles L. pp. 725-731 ff.

Peat, Davis, Charles L. pp. 733-739 ff.

Perlite, Meisinger, A. C. pp. 741-743 ff.

Phosphate rock, Stowasser, William F. pp. 745-762

Platinum-group metals, Loebenstein, J. Roger pp. 763-774

Potash, Searls, James P. pp. 775-786

Pumice and pumicite, Meisinger, A. C. pp. 787-790

Rare-earth minerals and metals, Hedrick, James B. pp. 791-803 ff.

Salt, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 805-820

Sand and gravel, Tepordei, Valentin V. pp. 821-835 ff.

Silicon, Murphy, Gerald F. pp. 837-849 ff.

Silver, Reese, Robert G., Jr. pp. 851-870

Slag: iron and steel, Mickelsen, Donald P. pp. 871-882

Sodium compounds, Kostick, Dennis S. pp. 883-890

Crushed stone, Tepordei, Valentin V. pp. 891-912

Dimension stone, Taylor, Harold A., Jr. pp. 913-923 ff.

Sulfur, Morse, David E. pp. 925-946

Talc and pyrophyllite, Virta, Robert L. pp. 947-953 ff.

Thorium, Hedrick, James B. pp. 955-962

Tin, Carlin, James F., Jr. pp. 963-974

Titanium, Lynd, Langtry E.; Hough, Ruth A. pp. 975-989 ff.

Tungsten, Stafford, Phillip T. pp. 991-1005 ff.

Vanadium, Kuck, Peter H. pp. 1007-1027 ff.

Vermiculite, Meisinger, A. C. pp. 1029-1032

Zinc, Jolly, James H. pp. 1033-1060

Zirconium and hafnium, Adams, W. Timothy pp. 1061-1069 ff.

Other industrial minerals, pp. 1071-1079 ff.

Other metals, pp. 1081-1104

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