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Minerals yearbook area reports 1962


Bureau of Mines
Minerals yearbook area reports 1962
Year 1962, Volume III
Washington: United States Government Printing Office, 1963

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[Title page] Minerals yearbook 1962, pp. [I]-[II]

Foreword, Ankeny, Marling J. pp. III ff.

Acknowledgments, Merrill, Charles W. pp. V-VI

Contents, pp. VII-VIII

Statistical summary, D'Amico, Kathleen J. pp. 1-50

Employment and injuries in the mineral industries, Moyer, Forrest T. pp. 51-58

Alabama, Reed, Avery H., Jr.; Simpson, Thomas A. pp. 59-74

Alaska, Malone, Kevin; Holdsworth, Phil R.; O'Brien, Holly G. pp. 75-100

Arizona, Larson, L.P. pp. 101-136

Arkansas, Stroud, Raymond B. pp. 137-157 ff.

California, Davis, L. E., et al. pp. 159-225 ff.

Colorado, Mullen, D. H. pp. 227-268

Connecticut, Krickich, Joseph pp. 269-277 ff.

Delaware, Gustavson, Samuel A. pp. 279-282

Florida, Shirley, Lawrence E.; Reves, William D. pp. 283-310

Georgia, Vallely, James L.; Peyton, Garland pp. 311-327 ff.

Hawaii, Ashizawa, Roy Y. pp. 329-338

Idaho, Fulkerson, Frank B.; Knostman, Richard W.; Petersen, Norman S. pp. 339-361 ff.

Illinois, Sikich, Matthew G.; Marshall, L.G. pp. 363-390

Indiana, Klyce, Donald F.; Fox, Mary B. pp. 391-408

Iowa, Sweeney, John W. pp. 409-422

Kansas, Kuklis, A., et al. pp. 423-462

Kentucky, Riley, Harold L.; McGrain, Preston; Rivers, Mildred E. pp. 463-483 ff.

Louisiana, Grandone, Peter; Hough, Leo W. pp. 485-515 ff.

Maine, Krickich, Joseph; Otte, Mary E. pp. 517-524

Maryland, Eilertsen, N.A.; Dzienis, Stephanie A. pp. 525-534

Massachusetts, Metcalf, Robert W.; Dorchak, Victoria M. pp. 535-545 ff.

Michigan, Klyce, Donald F. pp. 547-569 ff.

Minnesota, Sikich, Matthew G.; Heising, L.F. pp. 571-595 ff.

Mississippi, Kendall, Nicholas A.; Mellen, Frederic F. pp. 597-611 ff.

Missouri, Diamond, W. G.; Hayes, William C. pp. 613-634

Montana, Fulkerson, Frank B.; Kauffman, A. J., Jr.; Knostman, Richard W. pp. 635-660

Nebraska, Bieniewski, Carl L. pp. 661-675 ff.

Nevada, Davis, L. E.; Ashizawa, R. Y.; Giorgetti, L. pp. 677-703 ff.

New Hampshire, Feitler, Stanley A.; Otte, Mary E. pp. 705-711 ff.

New Jersey, Yeloushan, Charles C.; Bursic, Michael E. pp. 713-725 ff.

New Mexico, Hahn, A. D. pp. 727-748

New York, Feitler, Stanley A.; Stewart, Madaline P. pp. 749-774

North Carolina, Beck, William A.; Stuckey, Jasper L.; Rivers, Mildred E. pp. 775-794

North Dakota, Mullen, D. H. pp. 795-809 ff.

Ohio, Krickich, Joseph; Davis, Roy H. pp. 811-839 ff.

Oklahoma, McDougal, Robert B.; Ham, William E. pp. 841-870

Oregon, Fulkerson, Frank B.; Hale, William N.; Miller, Robert A. pp. 871-886

Pennsylvania, Yeloushan, Charles C.; Otte, Mary E.; Ela, Robert E. pp. 887-925 ff.

Puerto Rico, Panama Canal Zone, the Virgin Islands, and Pacific Island possessions, Robertson, Harry F., et al. pp. 927-934

Rhode Island, Krickich, Joseph pp. 935-938

South Carolina, Shirley, Lawrence E.; Johnson, Henry S., Jr. pp. 939-955 ff.

South Dakota, Bieniewski, Carl L.; Agnew, Allen F. pp. 957-975 ff.

Tennessee, Boyle, James R.; Hardeman, William D.; Rivers, Mildred E. pp. 977-997 ff.

Texas, Netzeband, F.F.; Early, Thomas R.; Girard, Roselle M. pp. 999-1051 ff.

Utah, Howes, M.H. pp. 1053-1084

Vermont, Kerr, James R. pp. 1085-1090

Virginia, Metcalf, Robert W.; Calver, James L.; Dorchak, Victoria M. pp. 1091-1120

Washington, Fulkerson, Frank B.; Gray, Jerry J.; Hale, William N. pp. 1121-1137 ff.

West Virginia, Kerr, James R.; Pendleton, Jean pp. 1139-1159 ff.

Wisconsin, Grosh, Wesley A. pp. 1161-1179 ff.

Wyoming, Everett, F.D. pp. 1181-1206

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