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Plant species composition of Wisconsin prairies


Henderson, Richard A.. McCown, Wendy M., Editor
Plant species composition of Wisconsin prairies
(Technical bulletin. (Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources), No. 188)
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 1995
58 pgs.

This bulletin is a reference document designed to be used as a guide in selecting plant species to use in prairie plantings in Wisconsin. It should be especially useful to those wishing to approximate the species composition and structure of native Wisconsin prairie. This bulletin provides, in various tabular formats, quantitative data on the plant species composition of Wisconsin prairie remnants. It presents information about both the average presence/absence of species in prairie remnants of different types, from wet to dry, and the relative density or abundance of species within these prairie types. The bulletin also provides a narrative that discusses both the limitations and usefulness of the data as well as how the user should interpret the data in selecting species for plantings. The data are from the Plant Ecology Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and were collected in the 1940s and 50s from 247 remnants across the prairie province of the state.

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[Cover] Plant species composition of Wisconsin prairies


Contents, p. [1]

Introduction, pp. 2-3

Methods, pp. 4-7

Descriptions and limitations of tables, pp. 8-9

Other limitations of the data, pp. 10-13

Planning prairie seedings: selecting species and seeding rates, pp. 14-16

Planting roots versus seeds, p. 16

Table 1. species presence within prairie types, pp. 17-24

Table 2. species density within prairie types, pp. 25-32

Table 3. dry prairie stands, pp. 33-35

Table 4. dry-mesic prairie stands, pp. 36-40

Table 5. mesic prairie stands, pp. 41-45

Table 6. wet-mesic prairie stands, pp. 46-50

Appendix A. recent scientific name changes, p. 51

Appendix B. species of limited range within the prairie province of Wisconsin, p. 52

Appendix C. estimates of average number of clean seeds per unit weight, p. 53

Appendix D. some suggested generic seeding rates and mixes (grams/acre), pp. 54-57

Literature cited, p. 58




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