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Abercromby, John / A trip through the eastern Caucasus

A trip through the eastern Caucasus: chapter I: from Tiflis to Nukha,   pp. [1]-29

Page 9

night quarters we reached the turbid waters of the 
Alazan, slowly rolling between soft, muddy banks, 
and halted at the bridge. It looked in very rickety 
condition, though not impassable. A knot of men, 
who were standing about, were anxious to unload the 
tarantasses and carry the baggage over piece-meal. This 
seemed unnecessary. Their services were declined, and 
we effected the perilous passage on foot without mishap. 
Now we entered the soppy, wooded tract of country 
of which mention has been made, and in doing so 
encountered swarms of flies and mosquitoes. Every 
man we met carried a small branch in his hand to 
use as a fly-disperser. It was well we had passed the 
night where we did, and had not pushed on to the 
next post-station, where we now found ourselves for 
a few minutes. It takes its name from the Chiaur 
rivulet hard. by. For the next ten versts or so the 
road lay through a level country covered with scrub, 
and at the Russian settlement of Mikhaelevo turns to 
the right and follows in a south-easterly direction 
to Nukha. We were now close up to the southern 
counter-forts of the main chain, but could only now 
and then get a glimpse of its snowy tops. We soon 
sighted the village of Lagodekhi. Its shady orchards 
and gardens give it a most blissful appearance. For 
anything suggestive of coolness and shadow on a 
broiling July day is as grateful to the mind as it 
is to the eye.   Long rows of statuesque poplars 
emphasize its situation, and seemed to lend it a 
dignity it would not otherwise have possessed. On 
entering the village, with the exception of a few 

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