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Abercromby, John / A trip through the eastern Caucasus

A trip through the eastern Caucasus: chapter I: from Tiflis to Nukha,   pp. [1]-29

Page 15

the post-office and telegraph departments. The door- 
way and all the internal decorations are in late 
modern Persian style, and did not offer any special 
feature of interest. Till recently the whole building 
was falling into disrepair, but within the last few 
years it has been restored by order of his Excellency 
Prince Dondukoff Korsakoff. In front of the palace 
there is a garden, from which a good view of the 
valley and the plain to the south is obtainable, 
but the town itself is concealed by a bend in the 
terrain. Here the band plays occasionally, and here 
the few Russian officials and officers of the garrison 
spend an occasional evening. Between the residence 
and the garden I was pointed out a fine, well-grown 
tree, on which criminals were formerly hung, so as 
to be executed under the very eyes of the Persian 
The number of homicides committed in Nukha and 
its vicinity every year is very considerable.  Only a 
week before I arrived, M. Selefko and his family, 
while sitting on their balcony, suddenly saw a police- 
man assassinated by two Tatars. They both got 
away. The day of my arrival a woman was killed 
by her husband at a neighbouring village. He had 
stolen two cows, and his wife threatened to inform 
the authorities. They were also Tatars. As every 
man carries about a kinjal, or poniard, and a hasty 
temper, it is not surprising that many come to an 
untimely end in the course of the year. 
Nukha is a town of some importance, and possesses 
various industries, such as silk-spinning, distillation 

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