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The shores of Lake Aral


Wood, Herbert
The shores of Lake Aral
London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1876
352 p. : maps (1 fold in pocket) ; 21 cm.

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[Half-title] Lake Aral, pp. [i]-[ii]

[Title page] The shores of Lake Aral, pp. [iii]-[iv]

[Dedication] To Charlotte and Athenaïs de Bodisco, pp. [v]-[vi]

Preface, pp. [vii]-[xviii]

Contents, pp. [xix]-xxvii

Errata, p. [xxviii]

Chapter I: Samara to Orsk, pp. [1]-12

Chapter II: Samara to Orsk-continued, pp. 13-25

Chapter III: Orsk to Irgeez, pp. 26-37

Chapter IV: the Aralian steppe, pp. 38-49

Chapter V: early Russo-Asian policy, pp. 50-62

Chapter VI: the Russians on the Syrdarya, pp. 63-75

Chapter VII: the Russians on the Syrdarya-continued, pp. 76-87

Chapter VIII: the Syrdarya, pp. 88-101

Chapter IX: the basin of Lake Aral, pp. 102-115

Chapter X: the Aralo-Caspian Sea, pp. 116-128

Chapter XI: the Caspian of history, pp. 129-146

Chapter XII: the central outlet of the Amú-Darya, pp. 147-158

Chapter XIII: the lower Amú-Darya, pp. 159-170

Chapter XIV: the lower Amú-Darya continued, pp. 171-183

Chapter XV: the central Amú swamps, pp. 184-198

The lower arms of the Amú-Darya

Chapter XVI: characteristics of the Amú, pp. 199-208

Chapter XVII: the Amú in Khiva, pp. 209-220

Chapter XVIII: the last change in the Oxus, pp. 221-238

Chapter XIX: Russia on the Amú, pp. 239-251

Chapter XX: the banks of the Amú, pp. 252-261

Chapter XXI: the banks of the Amú continued, pp. 262-272

Chapter XXII: the ancient Oxus, pp. 273-290

Chapter XXIII: Khwarezm and the Jyhún, pp. 291-304

Chapter XXIV: Khwarezm and the Jyhún-continued, pp. 305-316

Chapter XXV: the steppes of Turkestan, pp. 317-327

Chapter XXVI: a ride across the Kizzelkoom, pp. 328-339

Chapter XXVII: a ride across the Kizzelkoom-continued, pp. 340-352 ff.


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