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Freshfield, Douglas William / The Exploration of the Caucasus

Woolley, Hermann
Chapter XVII: the ascent of Koshtantau,   pp. [93]-114

Page [93]

Est in difficultate locorun et praecipitiis periculum, ciborum et lectorum
deliciae desunt; 
sunto haec vera; jucundum erit posteh inerninisse laborum atque periculorum,
juvabit haec 
animo revolvere et narrare amicis. CONRAD GESNER, A.D. 1555. 
LE members of Mr. Holder's 
party in 1868, glorious as 
were their immediate sur- 
roundings, and ample as was 
the occupation afforded by 
the great peaks immediately 
above the Bezingi Glacier, 
had often cast longing eyes 
across the Misbirgi basin to 
the stately  snow - pyramid 
that crowns the cliffs of Koshtantau.  Various causes, however, 
prevented us from making any attack on the mountain, and 
I well remember the regret Holder and I felt as we drove 
away from Naltshik one September morning (still in ignorance 
of the catastrophe which had just occurred) at being obliged 
to leave the noble peak behind us without even attempting its 
Accordingly, finding myself in the following year at Karaul 
on the conclusion of the labours of the search expedition with a 
tent, sleeping-bags, and plenty of provisions, and with two guides 
-Christian Jossi and Johann Kaufmann, both of Grindelwald-I 
The following chapter is reprinted from the Alpine Journal, vol. xv. 

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