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Freshfield, Douglas William / The Exploration of the Caucasus

Cockin, J. G.
Chapter XV: mountaineering in 1888: continued: Shkara, Janga, and Ushba,   pp. 38-58

Page 38

MOUNTAINEERING IN 1888: Continued 
EPM. 'IoO 8, evrdvetfu aOt" e6 eXet" 7rdvra 6pf2" ad6daw 
 81 fl  U6ri aI. 
XAP. *Op ozv, I 'Eplji, i-v Xelpa" o' Yp Wir U&KpdV /A6 ra6rl viv
pjxavjv jvaOtO  t,. 
EPM. E&i-ye Ka 8 6v *EBXetv,  I Xdpw w, 5rravra. OVK I't 8  4j(O Kal
dof-PaXI Kat (bto6edloa 
5Lta, 'AXX' SxOV pao 77 8E4,I, 1aL ( ELov /.1     ra   y io  17pov IraTEv"
Etys, d XjXv arV ra 
a6, xai hretirep 8tdpvpjog 6 Ilapao-dr ?art 1ATav 4 TEPOS a'Kpav EirXa36fvot
Ka0eC6Aea. 2v' 
pot #8q 6S K6CI? irepq3Xe'7r~av e'rta-K67rEL alrav,-a. 
XAP. 'Opr 1ipv ,oXXjv, ital Xip/vinv Twl't /LeydXilv ryEp-aVv, Kal O1p?7,
Kal 1TTi/o1ayov Toy 
KcoxvroO Kat ro HJVPt0)XEVE VTOS JLCova, Kal dvOp67rovr 7rdvv OTUKpOVS, Kalvav
qRa)bXEo  avrcv. 
EPM. IIOXELV CEKelvatL ELOLV, oV; (wXeo's elvUL volItNet. 
Woolley and 
Ider were ob- 
ed to return 
England, I de- 
cided to stay behind 
with  the   guides for 
further climbs.' Early 
on  September    5 my 
friends, with Rehfeldt, 
their interpreter, rode 
away from the village 
of Bezingi, escorted by 
the chief's son, whom 
Rehfeldt declared to be 
the only honest man 
in   Bezingi.    I   stood 
watching them until they were hidden by a bend in the path. 
The following pages are reprinted from Mr. Cockin's article in the Alpine
vol. xvi. No. 122, with a few alterations. 

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