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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

Book reviews,   pp. 296-18a PDF (4.5 MB)

Page 13a

For Those Who Love
Their Home
     Little Folks
The Children's Magazine
brings happiness and pleasure all
through the year. Month in and month
nut its visits to the
home act as tonic
to the whole fam-
  Fathers and moth-
ers, uncles and aunts,
all enjoy LITTLE
FOLKS with the
children and appre-
ciate the joy it gives
to the little ones.
,U--Ltthe Fok
Tu di ii l zsI u
As a Christmas Gift
LITTLE FOLKS is ideal.
It is different from the common run of
gifts that are soon tired of, or broken
or cast aside. Children never tire of
LITTLE FOLKS but read or listen to
its stories over and over again. It serves
as a constant reminder to the children
of the love and thoughtfulness of the
  LITTLE FOLKS provides continuous
amusement for the children and lots of it
through the entire year. There are all
sorts of stories of real and make-believe
children, fairy tales and nature stories,
verses, pictures to paint and color, puz-
zle pictures, new games to play, new toys
to make, etc.
                   .... moe  i a    u
  "'The money I pay out
as annual subscription for
Little Folks is the most
profitable money I spend
during the year," writes
Mrs. M. M. Graves, Ohio.
  "The ideals of childish
character to be found in
the stories of Little Folks
are very fine. I think they
are good companions for
our children to grow   up
with." so writes
  Mrs. Jas. F. Tilton. Ill.
The price is S.oo a Year
Send 3cts. for sample copy
   Salem, Mass.
   The Stanley Garage Door Holder
pictured above, holds your doors safely open
for the entrance or departure of your car.
    W~rite today for the Garage booklet S12.
    It contains interesting information of
    value to garage owners and builders.
The Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn.
New York                    Chiaavo
B %9 Pha-T ON
Kindly mention The Craftsman
          13 a
&s1CAJ4aea_ý   eAaa Aw

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