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The craftsman
Vol. XXIII, Number 2 (November 1912)

An unsuspected literary ancestor,   pp. 249-252 PDF (1.9 MB)

A Craftsman calendar for 1913,   pp. 252 ff. PDF (532.4 KB)

Page 252

School, and as many at the University, and
have no Pains nor Expence spared for the
Embellishment of your Minds-how many
of you, I say, are there who, after all This,
know nothing farther than the bare Names
of particular Sciences and the Titles of a
few common Books?
  "To upbraid us therefore with your Su-
periority in Learning is just as reasonable
as if one of us should pretend to be a
greater Genius than Sir Isaac Newton, be-
cause she understands Lace and Silks bet-
  "In domestick Affairs, I think you grant
us the. Precedence. You allow that we are
very good Pastry-Cooks; that we are per-
fectly acquainted with the Mechanism of
a Pudding-, or the Structure of a Pye; that
we can make Jellies or whipt Cream, and
manage a set Dinner with great Order and
Dexterity. Why even This, as trifling as
it may seem, is more than half the Men in
England can do. But is This all the Busi-
ness of a good female Oeconomist? No;
how many Women could I mention who
have, by their wise Conduct and domestick
Policy, retriev'd the distress'd Affairs of
their spendthrift Husbands; snatch'd them
from the very Gates of Prison, and rescued
them from the last Extremities of Hunger
and Infamy? Does not This shew some
Wisdom? Does it not bear some Resem-
blance to redeeming the Miscarriages of a
weak Government, and settling the Disor-
ders of a convuls'd State?
  "Yet such is the Ingratitude of Mankind;
and so jealous are you lest we should come
in Competition with you for Conduct and
good Sense; that whenever any Woman,
for the Sake of her Husband and Family,
takes upon herself the Administration of
Affairs, she is immediately branded by her
Neighbours with the Character of a She-
Tyrant; and the good Man is call'd Hen-
peck'd; as if a Woman could not be pru-
dent and discreet without being a Termag-
ant and a Vixon. From hence comes that
witty Saying, the grey Mare is the better
Horse; and that approbrious Imputation of
wearing the Breeches; which can imply no
more than that a wise Woman is obliged to
supply the Place of a foolish Husband."
  I have hitherto spoken of Women only in
a private Character. The principal Objec-
tion is to be answered still; which is, that
they are unequal to publick Business, and in-
capable of managing the great Concerns of
Government and War.
  Whereupon the lady says she will not cite
"Exploits of Camilla, Thalestris, and divers
Amazonian Ladies, whom we read of," be-
cause "perhaps you will reject them as fabu-
lous."  Neither, she says, "will I mention
other Heroines of remote Antiquity, how-
ever well attested, either of our own or for-
eign Countries; because it will be incon-
sistent with the Conciseness of a Letter,
and I have instances nearer at Hand, suf-
ficient for my present Purpose." The ex-
amples she mentions are Queen Elizabeth
of "ever glorious memory"; Queen Anne
"in whose auspicious Reign the British
Arms and Name were carried to so great
an height"; the "present Empress of Rus-
sia" of "noble Magnanimity and princely
Wisdom," and finally great Princess of her
own day and nation."
  Thus spoke, in England, in 1727, a fore-
runner of one of our most significant mod-
ern movements-a pleader for "Justice to
the whole Body of Womankind."        So
was the "shadow of a coming event" cast
beforehand upon the page of history.
FOR 1913
IN response to many requests we are get-
  ting out our first Craftsman Calendar.
In it we shall reproduce six of our most
popular cover designs, and no expense will
be spared to make it as beautiful and as
typically "Craftsman" as possible.
  The calendar will be printed in rich
colors on a heavy brown antique paper, and
each leaf will carry a quotation expressing
Gustav Stickley's point of view about life,
work and art.
  The pages will be io by 15 inches, loose-
leaved, and tied with leaf-green raffia.
  The calendar may be obtained in com-
bination with a subscription to the maga-
zine at $3.00, or with our special offer of
the magazine, house-plans and     "More
Craftsman Homes" at $3.75, or separately
for 50 cents. For a holiday gift it will be
especially appropriate, and we feel sure
that every Craftsman friend and reader
will give it a welcome place on desk or

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